Did police lie about Seungri? Burning Sun witnesses REVEAL shocking new details, fans say 'he's not guilty'

Did police lie about Seungri? Burning Sun witnesses REVEAL shocking new details, fans say 'he's not guilty'
Shocking new truths about Seungri emerged on social media (Seungri Instagram)

Former Big Bang member Seungri is in the headlines once again as the K-pop star had another court hearing, and few of the truth bombs that reportedly emerged from the hearing, were enough to enrage his fans, who demanded justice and slammed the police for lying about him in the 'Burning Sun' scandal.

In a shocking turn of events, sworn witnesses have now reportedly given testimonies saying what they told police about the YG artiste didn't match with what was presented against him in court.

Two days back, a report claimed that a police officer was demoted after initial investigations into the scandal. The report quoted the unnamed officer as saying, "Back then I found things just don't add up so I raised questions regarding the initial investigation. But I was soon demoted to handling civil complaints from the investigation unit. I wanted to be reinstated but it wasn't granted."


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Seungri, formerly a member of South Korean boy band BIGBANG is seen arriving at a Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on March 14, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. (Getty Images)

Did police fabricate the truth about Seungri?

Seungri was initially charged with eight charges including embezzlement, violation of the Act on the Aggravated Punishment, prostitution mediation, and more but only pledged guilty to only one - violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act. He was also accused of deploying gangsters who "displayed force and threatened victims" of the Burning Sun Scandal case.

According to Twitter users' report, sworn witnesses gave a fresh set of testimonies and said "I didn't say they were gangsters it was the POLICE who said they were gangsters" and "I never said it was Seungri's car, the POLICE wrote it that way!" The user wrote, "Police kept fabricating witnesses statements."


Regarding accusations that Seungri bribed the police, a user shared, "Seungri COULDN'T BRIBE anyone. An anti-corruption team was working on the case, making sure no one was bribed or forced into anything. Due to this the investigation team was changed two times whenever the smallest hint of corruption was sensed." The user further added, "Also pls notice, the police were the ones that falsify witnesses statements, they fabricated the statements to make look SR gu!lty. The bribing argument makes no sense if you consider this!"




Stop lying about Seungri

The recent revelations from court hearings have invoked a new wave of fury among Big Bang fans who rallied in support of the K-pop artiste, trending 'stop lying about Seungri'. A fan wrote, "Look at this, how he experienced the silent suffering himself publicly. ppl humiliated him, send dead threat to his family, ruined his career. but he firmly stand there, being cooperative with all the investigation process without fear." Another fan noted, "Why "Stop lying"? 1. journalists accused him of things "based on feelings" 2. Random ppl on twt made up viral tweets and people still believe them 3. Witnesses confessed they had been pressured into saying things against Seungri."

"Seungri is not guilty. The Korean media and the police intended to damage Seungri reputation by changing the testimony of individuals. He had no role in the case of Burning Sun and Chat Molka," another said.






To read about the compiled timeline of events recorded by social media users, check the thread here. Tell us your thoughts on the case in the comments below. 


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