The truth behind Dixie D'Amelio's viral TikTok video about her broken leg

The truth behind Dixie D'Amelio's viral TikTok video about her broken leg
Dixie D'Amelio with her fracture cast (dixiedamelio/ TikTok)

In a recent TikTok video, Dixie D'Amelio can be seen wearing a fracture cast which left viewers wondering if she had broken her leg. She uploaded the video in two parts on TikTok. The first video ammased 1.7 million views with 2000+ comments. Whereas, the second part of the video garnered 207.8K likes and 426 comments in just 2 days.

A comment on the first video prompted the creation of the second video in response. D'Amelio has 57.2 million followers and 3.3 billion likes on her TikTok profile. She has become one of the most popular faces on TikTok.


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Did Dixie D'Amelio's break her leg?

In a video that D'Amelio shared on Wednesday, she can be seen repairing the fire alarm at 4 in the morning. Instead of procuring a ladder or a stool to reach the ceiling, D'Amelio decided to stand on a suitcase and fix the alarm. She jumped at the end of the video, leaving viewers unsure of whether she had broken or sprained her leg.



its 4 am…and this didn’t work

♬ original sound - dixie



Observing her stand on the suitcase, a viewer commented, "Dixie be playing with life or death standing on that suit case 💀" Later, D'Amelio shared another video in response to this particular comment, explaining that she actually fell down the stairs and broke her leg. She displayed the splint that was covering her broken leg.


'Girl how are you always getting hurt'

After D'Amelio revealed the news of her fractured leg, her fans started wondering why she keeps hurting her legs. A user on TikTok asked, "Girl how are you always getting hurt." A second person questioned, "HOW ARE YOU ALWAYS GETTING HURTT??" Another person added, "She broke her foot in 2020 lmao, this is probably the other one."


The mishap doesn't appear to have surprised the fans. "Not surprised tbh," was the comment made by one of the viewers. All of the comments indicate that D'Amelio's supporters are accustomed to her foot injuries and are not shocked this time.

Dixie D'Amelio's comment section on TikTok (dixiedamelio/ TikTok)
Dixie D'Amelio's comment section on TikTok (dixiedamelio/ TikTok)

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 Did Dixie D'Amelio really fall down the stairs and break her leg? Here's the truth