Did Cardi B copy Nicki Minaj? 'Big Paper' lyrics on DJ Khaled's album sparks fury: 'Her brain still don’t work'

A fan slammed Cardi B saying, 'Nicki Minaj’s Va va voom is better than Cardi B’s entire discography'

                            Did Cardi B copy Nicki Minaj? 'Big Paper' lyrics on DJ Khaled's album sparks fury: 'Her brain still don’t work'
Cardi B under fire for allegedly copying Nicki Minaj's lyrics in the song 'Big Paper' (Getty Images)

Cardi B is under fire as Nicki Minaj fans slammed the 'Up' singer for allegedly copying Minaj's rhyme scheme and lyrics on the song 'Big Paper' with DJ Khaled. In the latest edition of fandom war, the singer has been accused of supposedly using Minaj's 'entire rhyme scheme' on the banger track while the Bardigang came to defend the 'WAP' crooner saying Minaj had 'nothing original' in the first place.

Cardi B collaborated with record producer and entertainment mogul DJ Khaled on his new album 'KHALED KHALED' in the song 'Big Paper.' While the Barbz have alleged the Grammy-winning singer of taking Minaj's lyrics, Cardi B fans have come to her rescue calling the whole dispute, nothing but a way to slam the 'Bodak Yellow' crooner.


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Nicki Minaj's rhyme scheme stolen by Cardi B? Internet gives their take (Getty Images)

Did Cardi B copy Nicki Minaj?

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have had a feud for what it seems like a 'decade' and listeners always find a way to pit the extremely successful singers against each other which in turn becomes ugly at times. In the latest stint of Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj, Nicki fans have spread the baseless rumor that  "Cardi just stole 2 Nicki bars & 3 ppl faces ... the only thing left original on that girl is her brain cause it still don’t work." Another fan called her out saying, "Nicki Minaj said “I bodied everybody and got known for my body” on Chance The Rappers song Zannies and fools Cardi B in a song she said she wrote yesterday for DJ Khalids new project “I body everybody who say they don’t know my body” The obsession is real."






Cardi B  (Getty Images)

A fan speaking how Cardi B copied from Nicki Minaj stated, "Nicki Minaj’s Va va voom is better than Cardi B’s entire discography." Another one added, "Cardi stole Nicki’s entire rhyme scheme on Big Paper Still a banger though!" Another slammed the track saying, "Nicki the blueprint!!! that new cardi shit was whack!!! nicki need to come back fr!"







Nicki Minaj 'had nothing original'

Cardi B fans claim that it is Minaj who stole from artiste Remy in the first place. A Twitter user alleged, "You were claiming cardi stole Nikki lyric when nicki actually stole it from Remy. You are literally stalking cardi get off her page. You're obsessed." Another fan shared, "Purrrrrrr!!!! Nicki steals from every artist There’s nothing original about her!" A user slammed the fans saying, "Y’all are entertaining Nicki, Cardi/Remy Ma beef in 2021? Go touch grass!"

Nicki Minaj is being accused of stealing lyrics by some of her critics (Getty Images)







Cardi reacted to the whole fiasco quoting a line from her new song. She shared, "CLIPS STILL PUSH TO ANYBODY SPEAKIN MALICE ....I’m too old to be on this app because ya not getting that and it’s makin me sad and feelin menopausal!"



Check out the track 'Big Paper' here and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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