Diana would've 'done everything' to make peace between Harry and William after Megxit, says royal photographer

Diana would've 'done everything' to make peace between Harry and William after Megxit, says royal photographer
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Photographer Jayne Fincher has spent so many years capturing the royal family that it can be said that she almost knows all of them as her own family. From capturing Princess Diana is the '80s when she was rumored to be dating Prince Charles to documenting Harry and Prince William as they navigated childhood in the 90s, the 62-year-old has been there for every important royal event, camera in tow.


In a recent interview with Page Six, Fincher opened up about how Diana would have felt about the current situation of the royal family. She said the late princess would likely be upset over the events preceding and following Megxit.

In the interview, Fincher was addressing the bombshell decision that Meghan Markle and Harry have taken to step out of the royal family. The Sussexes are due to be officially relieved of their services as senior royal members on March 31. The couple will reportedly start their new life in Canada where they have been living for the past few months with their son Archie at a luxurious £14million waterside mansion.

“She would be heartbroken, particularly as the boys have gone through so much together. [Diana] would be doing everything she could to try and solve it,” the photographer,  who in 1998 published 'Diana Portrait of a Princess', said.

Fincher said the late Princess of Wales “would be doing everything to be the peacemaker. She’d be shaking the boy’s heads together saying, ‘For goodness sake. What’s going on here?’ and I think she’d be trying to make peace between the girls, too.”

She also said that Megxit has surely left Prince Charles heartbroken as it is causing a rift between William and Harry. “Charles must be broken-hearted because he’s extremely close to those boys. All through that period of grieving, they were close. That must be very devastating for him,” said Fincher.

Giving a glimpse of William and Harry’s childhood, Fincher said the boys were very close to each other. “They did everything together," she said, adding they were “normal boys, full of energy, [who] couldn’t sit still, [and were] very funny”.

However, Fincher also mentioned that both the princes were very different from each other from a young age.


“Harry was quite a confident little boy actually and William was the unconfident one. Harry was always the one who really wasn’t perturbed by the media or photographers. William had his head down like his mum in the early days, really hating every minute of it,” she said..

She concluded her interview saying: “Harry seemed such a happy young man. When I watched that last documentary on him, it made me want to cry. I felt so sad for him. He’s really struggling.”


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