‘Devs’ Episode 3: Music tops plotline taking the 'surreal' factor to the next level

‘Devs’ Episode 3: Music tops plotline taking the 'surreal' factor to the next level

If you watched Episode 3 of ‘Devs’, you would have definitely noticed (or rather heard) the change in its original soundtrack.

When the series launched its pilot, its background score was outright ominous, especially during the night time scenes or the transition scenes. But in Episode 3, it took the music direction to the next level.

And now, fans on Twitter are going gaga about how much they love the background music of the series, especially in Episode 3.

First of all, the most notable and identifiable track was from the ‘The Age of Aquarius’, which proved to be an inspired musical addition to 'Devs' soundtrack. If you are unaware, then this is a must-hear track by 5th Dimension.  A popular musical group from the 1960s and 1970s, their song represented or rather portrayed the time of great progress and enlightenment and was indicative of the future.  If one had to analyze, the scenes from ‘Devs’ where the song is used also reflect change, future, and the lyrics from the second verse of the song are a perfect fit to the situation on the series, or even for the core concept for that matter.

Fans on Twitter also second our observation. One fan says, “The music is F*** terrifying! And I love it!”

“The score is so atypical and fresh, inspired #sounddesign #filmscore @Benjaminsal& @jetfury & The Insects”, seconds another.

Another fan on Twitter comments, “Just watched episode 2 of #Devs . Thinking the music was great, created a menacing atmosphere at some point and beauty at others. Then the titles show that popular Bristol music person @jetfury was involved. No surprises. Great show. #DevsFX”

We would have to agree with this particular fan. While there was a change in the music direction by Episode 3, the music direction has managed to maintain the surreal nature of the show. And, despite more upbeat music and lyrical renditions, the ominous vibes have not gone.

‘Devs’ drops on FX on Hulu, every Thursday 12 am.

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