Devon Arthurs: Florida neo-Nazi who converted to Islam confesses killing roommates for insulting his religion

Devon Arthurs: Florida neo-Nazi who converted to Islam confesses killing roommates for insulting his religion
Devon Arthurs pleads guilty to killing his roommates in 2017 on May 9, 2023 (Youtube screenshot/10 Tampa Bay)

TAMPA, FLORIDA: Devon Arthurs, a Florida neo-Nazi who converted to Islam, entered a plea of guilty to killing his roommates for disrespecting his religion on Monday, May 8. Arthurs has officially acknowledged guilt for shooting and killing Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Onseschuck in their Tampa apartment in 2017.

Arthurs told authorities after being arrested that he had been mocked for his conversion to a different faith and that his victims had been planning bomb attacks, according to New York Post. Investigators were allegedly informed by him that Muslim nations were being bombarded and that he wanted the killings to highlight anti-Muslim sentiment. The trial for the murders of Himmelman, 22, and Oneschuk, 18, was repeatedly delayed because Arthurs' lawyer insisted that the defendant suffered from schizophrenia and other illnesses. However, the lawsuit was permitted to proceed after the court found that he was mentally competent.


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Who is Devon Arthurs?

Arthurs, along with his two roommates, had formerly belonged to the Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi group. He later renounced his previous beliefs and converted to Islam. Inside the home that Arthurs shared with the victims, investigators had even discovered weapons, explosives, and racial literature. Arthurs has been accused of killing his roommates when he was 18 years old and leading the police to the bodies after their first interaction.


What was the police's first interaction with Devon Arthurs?

The police first encountered Arthurs when he took three people hostage inside a smoke shop. He admitted to the authorities that he originally resisted releasing his captives because he was angry over American aggression in the Middle East. In the end, police freed the hostages and arrested Arthurs.

Authorities were later alerted by Arthurs that he had murdered his roommates. Following that, they went to the scene and saw Brandon Russell, another roommate, wailing in front of the house. He was wearing Army fatigues. Arthurs was later arrested by police for having an armory inside the house; he was sentenced to five years in federal prison.


What crimes has Devon Arthurs committed?

Arthurs, who is now 24 years old, agreed to a sentence of 45 years in prison after admitting guilt for the 2017 shooting deaths of Himmelman and Onseschuck. Police reported that Arthurs used a WASR 10 assault rifle to shoot Himmelman and Oneschuk.

In pleading guilty on Monday, May 8, Arthurs expressed regret for the killings and told the court that his life's work will be to fight violent radicalism. He stated, "I'd like to take this moment to tell the world to stay away from extremist groups," according to New York Post. Arthurs was also previously arrested for plotting terrorist acts against electrical grid infrastructure. The case is still pending.

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 Who is Devon Arthurs? Neo-Nazi turned Muslim confesses to killing roommates for insulting his religion