Devin Chandler: Christopher Darnell Jones killed UVA student-athlete in 'targeted' shooting as he slept

Devin Chandler: Christopher Darnell Jones killed UVA student-athlete in 'targeted' shooting as he slept
Christopher Darnell Jones shot and killed Devin Chandler while he was sleeping (Albemarle County Sheriff, Twitter/@UnnecRoughness)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA: Prosecutors claimed in court on Wednesday, November 16, that University of Virginia student Christopher Darnell Jones Jr shot three football players and two other students on a field trip on November 13 Sunday. Devin Chandler, one of the victims, is alleged to have been shot by Jones in the "targeted" massacre while he was asleep. James Hingeley, speaking on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia, claimed that Chandler was shot while he was dozing. He and another victim, D'Sean Perry, were declared dead on the bus, while Lavel Davis Jr passed away in the hospital. Hingeley stated that the other students saw "Chris point the gun at Devin Chandler and saw him shoot while he slept and slumped to the floor."

Officials stated that the bus had just arrived into UVA's Charlottesville campus when the former college football player opened fire. He and his victims had just returned from watching a play in Washington, DC, as part of a school field trip. 


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Officials reported that Marlee Morgan, a sophomore at the university, and Michael Hollins, a former football player for the Virginia Cavaliers, both sustained injuries. Hingeley stated that Jones was found guilty of carrying a hidden firearm last year, in addition to receiving a suspended sentence for property damage and reckless driving in his hometown of Petersburg, Virginia.


Hingeley stated, "We are all grieving and sad and devastated by these events in our community, and all of us in this community care for the victims’ families and wish for the speedy recovery of those, who are being treated at the hospital, and who are wounded, and wish there can be comfort for the family members of the victims who died in this terrible tragedy."

Jack Hamilton, a professor of media studies at UVA, shared some memories from last spring when he had Chandler and Davis in his class in a heartfelt six-part thread on Twitter. He described both of them as "wonderful people."


Hamilton claimed that Chandler frequently dropped by during business hours to inquire about how things worked at UVA. Chandler had transferred from Wisconsin and was eager to get a feel for his new school. Hamilton ultimately helped Chandler identify his major as American Studies.

Hamilton stated, "He was an unbelievably nice person, always a huge smile, really gregarious and funny. One of those people who’s just impossible not to like. It is so sad and enraging that he is gone." He said Chandler and Davis had "truly limitless futures" and that it "breaks my heart" that they are no longer with us in the thread's conclusion.


The university community is still in shock and mourning following the assault. On Monday, November 14, several children held a heartfelt vigil in memory of Chandler, Davis, and Perry. Officials announced on Wednesday that the Saturday football game between UVA and Coastal Carolina has been canceled.

The 22-year-old mass murder suspect showed up digitally in Albemarle General District Court on Wednesday, November 16 from the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. He was charged with five counts of using a handgun in the commission of a felony, three counts of second-degree murder, two counts of malicious shooting with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable, or kill, and two counts of malicious shooting.


Jones refused to enter a plea, telling the court that he was still looking for legal representation. He informed the court that he preferred to have his own lawyer rather than a court-appointed public defender. He was ordered held without bail by Judge Andrew Sneathern so that he could hire an attorney and make a plea. Judge Sneathern ordered Jones to make an appearance back in court on December 8 at 9.30 am to enter a plea to the accusations made against him.

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