Destination Jam: SZA to Jhené Aiko, kick back with smooth sounds of the 5 best R&B tracks in 2020

From dreamy to electronic-charged music, these artists have given their wonderful spins to the genre and they are so good that you can't stop listening to them

                            Destination Jam: SZA to Jhené Aiko, kick back with smooth sounds of the 5 best R&B tracks in 2020
SZA (Getty Images)

If you've ever caught hold of what makes R&B music so addicting or are lovers of the genre, today's Destination Jam playlist is just for you. Check out our top five R&B songs released in 2020 so far.

Omar Apollo — 'Want U Around' ft Ruel

Two artistes who deserve a lot more attention are Omar Apollo and Ruel and they have truly clicked on their new collaborative single 'Want U Around'. This track is the latest song to feature on our playlist and was released on October 12. After the dreamy opening with a beat pulsing to the rhythm of a heartbeat, Apollo and Ruel intertwine at just the right moments and harmonize vocals that are sure to make your jaw drop. 'Want U Around' is super easy on the ears, infectious, to say the least, and we can't stop listening to it.


Alina Baraz — 'Trust'

Just like sipping a smooth wine with a full meal, Alina Baraz's hit 'Trust' pairs perfectly with the previous track. Alina's silky vocals and soft brisk acoustic guitaring over an industrial-sound synth-stabbed beat make an unusual musical coupling, making the song all the more sweet and intriguing. 'Trust' released in January 2020 and marked the singer's return to her solo endeavors. 


070 Shake — 'Rocketship'

Another January 2020 release, 'Rocketship' features on 070 Shake's debut studio album 'Modus Vivendi'. R&B music comes with a certain mesmerizing quality and once caught hold by such a musical spell, it's easy to get blissfully lost in the genre. 070 Shake understood this and turned it up a notch with a more electronic-charged track. This song curiously takes on a more cybernetic approach over the common organic sounds of R&B. With a gentle whirlpool of synth and digital effects, 'Rocketship' lets you sink into escapism and transcend above your troubles while perking your ears to its creativity.


SZA — 'Hit Different' ft Ty Dolla $ign

Released a little over a month ago, the music video for SZA's new track 'Hit Different' has already seen nearly 18M views on YouTube. The song was written by SZA, Ty Dolla Sign and Rob Bisel, along with its producer The Neptunes.

'Hit Different' arrived after a long period of musical silence from the singer and the music video also marks her directorial debut. The song and video both carry a certain otherwordly quality, alluding to a fresh style of R&B, and you're left drawn to the mystery of it all. If you're wondering what we mean, check out the strangeness of the music video below.


Jhené Aiko — 'Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)' ft Future, Miguel

The statement resounding true on so many levels, 'Happiness Over Everything' is a tender musical caress to turn your attention to inner joy. Over a slowed metallic beat, warm synth and reverberated vocals, Aiko sings, "I ain't gonna hold you, baby, I like what I see. That print in them sweatpants got me weak off in my knees. I've been thinking 'bout you since we met at No I.D.'s. If you're free tonight, I think that you should come see me. Don't be scared of my aggression. Just don't get the wrong impression."


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