Destination Jam: Top 5 Nick Jonas songs that'll fill your heart with love on singer's 28th birthday

Catchy, lovestruck, soothing — Nick Jonas offers music that is all these and a lot more and on his birthday we handpicked a list of some of his best tracks

                            Destination Jam: Top 5 Nick Jonas songs that'll fill your heart with love on singer's 28th birthday
Nick Jonas (Getty Images)

Happy birthday, Nick Jonas! To celebrate the now 28-year-old pop star, we have handpicked some of his best songs for his special day. Our Destination Jam playlist today features five of his best songs.

'Find You'

At least Nick can cross out the checkbox of finding that special someone with his wife, Indian star Priyanka Chopra, but it doesn't stop the mystery of his 2017 track 'Find You' from still being catchy. The official music video follows Nick as he broods in a sandy desert, stumbles upon a beach rave, and dives head-first into the ocean while crooning for love. In an interview with iHeartRadio, Nick said that the track is "about a lot of things". He noted, "For me, it's got a lot to do with just the idea of finding love, in general, and the journey we all go on with that. And how sometimes, it can be something you're afraid of and running away from it in that sense, but it is desperately something we all hope for."


'Right Now' with Robin Schulz

This arresting dance-pop track in collaboration with German DJ and producer Robin Schulz is easily one of Nick's most captivating efforts. Over a sultry dancehall beat perfect for clubbing, Nick weighs down on never letting go of a lover with lyrics like, "You are my water, my sun. My moon and stars. Your heart is all I need. It starts when you come. I want to be where you are."


'Close' featuring Tove Lo

This hot number in collaboration with Tove Lo features on Nick's third studio album, 'Last Year Was Complicated'. Like many of his songs, 'Close' breathes the unrelenting passion between partners, the need for intimacy and the challenge of the fear that would oppose such a love. For a track that is both sensual and deeply personal, it is not often you would find a steel drum providing the instrumental melodies, but in 'Close' it totally works, and is one of the many reasons to listen to Nick's music.



Nick's ardent energy in his creativity often touched upon the spiritual sense of expression and 'Home' is a notable example of that. Although he doesn't say the song is spiritual, the ambience of the synth, the belting of gospel-inspired backing vocals and Nick's incredible singing carry almost a divine coating to it. There are strong vibes of both sentiment and feel-good antheming that feel deep and thrive on positivity. 'Home' is the first promotional single of the soundtrack for the film 'Ferdinand'.


'Remember I Told You' featuring Anne-Marie, Mike Posner

This funky track released in 2017 features English singer-songwriter Anne-Marie and rapper-singer Mike Posner. Sonically, there is a groovy low-fi electro snappiness to it and an interesting way to evolve pop music. Think of John Mayer's 'Your Body is a Wonderland' sped up and electrically charged by funky synth tones, and twangy guitar riffing, and you may get a better idea of the sound of 'Remember I Told You'. Watch the official music video below.


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