Destination Jam: Top five essential songs to get your Chris Stapleton fix before his new album 'Starting Over'

''Tennessee Whiskey', 'Second One To Know' and more on today's Destination Jam playlist featuring some of the most memorable songs by the country singer-songwriter

                            Destination Jam: Top five essential songs to get your Chris Stapleton fix before his new album 'Starting Over'
Chris Stapleton (Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Country singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton is set to drop his new studio LP project 'Starting Over' on November 13. Before its release, we want to treat you to some of the best Chris Stapleton songs for both new listeners and longtime fans. Check out the five most essential Stapleton songs below.

'Tennessee Whiskey'

A country star's catalog wouldn't be complete without adding an ode to their favorite liquor. Originally written by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove, 'Tennessee Whiskey' has been widely acclaimed and loved since its release in 1981. When Stapleton covered the song in 2015 for his debut album 'Traveller', the singer skyrocketed to fame and saw his version impacting numerous charts.

Apart from earning the crown at No 1 on Billboard's US Hot Country Songs chart, Stapleton's 'Tennessee Whiskey' cover has been certified 6x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).


'Fire Away'

The stunning 'Fire Away' breezes in on a gentle slope with beautiful pedal steel guitar croonings and balladic drums, and gets elevated as soon as Stapleton's powerful voice is suspended with lyrics like "And all that I'll say. Is fire away. Take your best shot. Show me what you got. Honey, I'm not afraid. Rear back and take aim. And fire away." Watch the emotional music video below.


'Say Something' with Justin Timberlake

On tracks like 'Say Something', Stapleton proves his music can smoothly transition into unexpected genres. This epic genre-crossing song features pop heavyweight Justin Timberlake and strikes infectious from the moment you hit play on it for the first time.

'Say Something' debuted at No 9 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming Timberlake's 19th top 10 single as a solo artiste and Stapleton's first. For the six-minute music video, it took a crew of 17 musicians and a 60-person choir in order to record the video and audio live in only one take.



We're still hoping this song would get its own video, but nonetheless, we're given this sweet track and the visual aesthetic created by Stapleton's romantic lyrics. The song centers around appreciating love and relationship closeness over material wealth. 'Millionaire' has lyrics like, "They say 'Love is more precious than gold.' Can't be bought and it can't be sold. I got love enough to spare. That makes me a millionaire. I got a woman with eyes that shine. Down deep as a diamond mine. She's my treasure so very rare. She's made me a millionaire."


'Second One To Know'

If you've ever enjoyed playing with cowboy LEGO in your childhood, wait till you see an outlaw country star in the form of the famous toys. In the music video for 'Second One To Know', an animated Stapleton and his band perform a fictional live concert before the singer slays dragons and battles ninjas. The song itself is hard-hitting, guttural and the perfect arena rock track by Stapleton to wrap up our playlist. Check out the official music video below.


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