Destination Jam: Top 5 club-ready songs of 2020 to give you a party fix and forget Covid-19 news for a moment

Dua Lipa's 'Levitating' remix, 'The Box' by Roddy Ricch and more on today's Destination Jam featuring the best club-ready songs of 2020

                            Destination Jam: Top 5 club-ready songs of 2020 to give you a party fix and forget Covid-19 news for a moment
Dua Lipa (Getty Images)

2020 has proven a difficult year for going out, partying and clubbing. You'll already know by now how far Covid-19 has impacted the global industry. If you're tired of the subject and just want to let loose and party in whatever location you deem fit and safe (even if it's a party in your head), our Destination Jam playlist for the day is just what you need. Check out our top five club-ready tracks of 2020 below.

Please note this playlist is not to endorse any disregard for social distancing measures, but a mere understanding of the increasing craving to party.

KSHMR, Jeremy Oceans: 'One More Round' ('Garena Free Fire' theme song)

What better way to kick off our the day than with a song from a genre that's all about dancing. KSHMR and Jeremy Oceans' collaborative EDM effort 'One More Round' was released on October 15 and features as the theme song for the popular battle arena mobile game 'Garena Free Fire'. The song opens with dreamy vocals and a steady beat before bursting into anthemic and hyper-electrified synth. If your music-playing at home includes both self-indulgent partying and waking up the neighbors, you'll want to add this song to your playlist, or click play on the video below:


Roddy Ricch: 'The Box' and Class Fools & EQRIC Remix

Have you ever listened to a minimalist, scaled-back hip-hop track and still felt the itch to dance to it? Even if the song wasn't composed of densely thick musical layers or overwhelming beats, you knew there was something infectious about the song that was connected to an inner need to move your body to the rhythm. Roddy Ricch's 'The Box' which release early this year strikes hard as one of those tracks. We've listed both the original and Class Fools & EQRIC remix versions because they're both perfect tracks for the dancefloor.

Listen to the remix version here.


Dua Lipa: 'Levitating', featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott (The Blessed Madonna Remix)

Pop sensation Dua Lipa released a club-ready remix version of her critically-acclaimed album 'Future Nostalgia' on August 28. Aptly titled 'Club Future Nostalgia' the song featured several contributions from famous names including Blackpink, Gwen Stefani and more. One of our favorites from the album is the collaborative remix for 'Levitating' which featured Missy Elliot and Madonna. The remix carries a funky, cybernetic energy and kicks up the tempo a few BPM as opposed to its '80s, disco-toned original.


Tiësto: 'The Business'

A Dutch DJ who's no stranger to leading audiences to dancefloors, Tiësto released 'The Business' on September 25. Once the snap of the beat kicks in, the vocals are elevated, and the song subtly applies richer, melodic layers, the catchy spell will be cast and you'll be putting this song on repeat.


Alesso x Charlotte Lawrence - 'The End'

We wrap up our playlist today with the dreamy dance track 'The End'. You could just as easily float away to this song with earphones as you could disappear on the dancefloor. Charlotte Lawrence's honey-dripped vocals are enchanting while Alesso's music carries a slight tropical resonance and heavy-hearted effervescence. Check out the official music video below.



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