Destination Jam: Here are top 5 smooth and infectiously bopping acid jazz songs that define the unique genre

Jestofunk's 'Fluid', Jamiroquai's 'Space Cowboy' and more on the list feature one of the best musical styles that is a drug of its own kind

                            Destination Jam: Here are top 5 smooth and infectiously bopping acid jazz songs that define the unique genre
Jamiroquai (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Combine the words "acid" and "jazz" and you're not left with a genre high on narcotics, but a musical style that is a drug of its own kind. Acid jazz gets its soul by blending elements of jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop, the result is something can be both smooth and infectiously bopping. On today's Destination Jam, we want you to relax on your Sunday with some of the best songs from the genre. Here are our top five acid jazz songs below.

Jestofunk - 'Fluid'

Probably the most acidic track on our playlist, 'Fluid' by Italian acid jazz group Jestofunk opens with sounds of nature including bird chirps, dips into a warm bassline, and then layers in bubbling and warping electronics. If you need an introduction to the acid jazz genre, 'Fluid' is a solid example. Listen to the track below.


Freak Power - 'Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out'

Playing out like a theme song to a 'Shaft' film, 'Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out' is all swag, funk, and then some. This song was the biggest hit single for Norman Cook's acid jazz group, Freak Power. It features a styled-up jazz sound and the baritone vocals of lead singer Ashley Slater. If you're a lover of music with slick, funky grooves, this track is just for you.


Digable Planets - 'Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)'

This track opens with the shuffle of a cloudy bassline and then couples with an old-school hip-hop beat. Released back in 1993, 'Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)' peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also topped the Hot Rap Singles chart at No. 1 at the time. It was also certified gold by the RIAA and won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group at the 36th Grammy Awards.


Jamiroquai - 'Space Cowboy'

Today's playlist wouldn't be complete without including the master of sounds funky smooth. This track is like an intoxicating sip of wine in the lounge of an elite ship in outer space. It's rich sounds are relaxing in the opening and are then accompanied by alienesque slap bass and effects in the latter half. For anime fans, it will be interesting to note that this track inspired 'Cowboy Bebop' scriptwriter Keiko Nobumoto.


Omar - 'Keep Steppin'

Omar Lye-Fook's 'Keep Steppin' takes on the elements of soul in this hot acid jazz number and features some old-school rapping. One of the more underrated artistes on our list, Omar is a British soul singer-songwriter and musician. His most well-known song was his debut single 'There's Nothing Like This'. AllMusic has noted that Omar is described by some as the father of British neo soul.



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