Deserea Rachel: OnlyFans model got caught at 13 as she flushed down condoms

Deserea Rachel spilled the beans how her first sexual encounters went wrong in her viral video of TikTok

                            Deserea Rachel: OnlyFans model got caught at 13 as she flushed down condoms
Deserea Rachel said how her first sexual encounters went tragically wrong (TikTok/deserearachel)

Deserea Rachel, 21, an OnlyFans model, spilled the beans on how her first sexual encounters went wrong. She told her admirers about losing her virginity while she was a youngster. “So when I first started doing the ‘dirty', I flushed the condoms down my toilet so my parents wouldn’t see them in the garbage,” she explained in her now-viral TikTok video. “I didn’t think much of it because, in my 13-year-old mind, I figured it would be fine if I wrapped it in toilet paper." She explains in the viral video of TikTok account @deserearachel that, “so I flushed them for like four months until my toilet stopped flushing." The video was already seen by more than 246K users. 

Her mother noticed a toilet obstruction instantly and sought to clean it. But it didn't work, so she called a plumber to investigate the problem. “The plumber came and said they would have to dig up my front yard to get to it and fix it because nothing was working,” Rachel stated. As a result, she was terrified for the whole week, fearful of being caught. The plumber eventually finished it while she was at school. When she got home, her mother made no mention of the toilet, so she felt relieved and assumed she was out of the woods.


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But at the dinner that day, her mother asked, “so who wants to tell me who flushed the condoms down the toilet?” When her brother strongly declared, “I don’t use condoms,” Rachel was exposed. After that, she was forced to stay at home for several weeks, she revealed in the video

Many of her followers were taken aback by the revelation, saying that they led totally different lives. One wrote, "When I was 13, I was reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid." Another commented, "The brother is a straight legend for that line." "Four months? How many bodies did she get?” asked yet another. One admirer added regarding the hate comments, “Kudos to you for using protection and being safe regardless of how old you were. This comment section is pitiful. You are not alone sis.”

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