'Deputy' Episode 3 has fans rooting for Paula Reyes being a badass 'woman in charge'

'Deputy' Episode 3 has fans rooting for Paula Reyes being a badass 'woman in charge'
Yara Martinez as Paula Reyes (Fox)

This article contains spoilers for 'Deputy' Episode 3

Tonight's episode of 'Deputy' on Fox was an absolute tear-jerker. We saw Gabriel Luna getting rushed into surgery in the aftermath of the bullets he took right at the end of the episode. In all of this commotion, as the entire department worries about him but go on about their duties, the one person who is with Luna through this all is the new Sherrif Bill Hollister's (Stephe Dorff) extremely meticulous doctor-wife Paula Reyes (Yara Martinez.)

After Luna's surgery, Paula informs his partner, Charlie Minnick, that he suffered a lot of internal damage. This is only made more dangerous by the fact that he severed his spinal cord in the shooting, which means he would never walk again. But even then, Luna was still alive until later when he is code blue once and has to be rushed into surgery once again.

Sadly, Luna doesn't make it. The next time Charlie and Luna's work partner Joseph Harris get to be inside Luna's room, they find it empty. Luna is dead and there's nothing anybody can do about it. His death is later announced when the cops do a roll call for Luna and he doesn't respond, thus revealing to the rest of his coworkers that he couldn't make it after all.


Yara Martinez as Paula (L) and Stephen Dorff as Bill in 'Deputy' (FOX)

But even with Bill putting his life out on the line to capture the people, it is Paula that the fans are rooting for, for all she did and everything she has been doing for the past few episodes to ensure that those around her don't die. Taking it to Twitter, they shared: "We love to see a woman in charge! paula reyes it's such a strong woman, she officially owns my heart."

Another fan wrote: "I apologize in advance about the amount of tweets about deputy and paula reyes/yara martinez i'll be tweeting tonite. tks for understanding"

Announcing probably unanimously for the entire fandom, a third fan noted: "Can i just say... i obvi expected to fall in love with paula reyes right away, and i did, but yara really outdid herself wow i’m in Love love."


In honor of the fan-following the character has amassed in the last two weeks, the show also announced their own drafted playlist inspired by the character. Check it out here.

'Deputy' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm only on Fox.

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