'Departure': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Peacock's drama-thriller series

'Departure': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Peacock's drama-thriller series
Archie Panjabi (Peacock)

'Departure' is a drama-thriller that first aired in the United Kingdom on Universal TV on July 10, 2019. It's a series that involves the disappearance of a plane as two investigators try to figure out what appears as a complicated mystery. The try to locate it along with finding survivors. Here is what we know of the upcoming release coming to Peacock this year. 

Release date

Season 1 of 'Departure' will premiere on September 17, 2020. There are four episodes, titled, 'Vanished,' 'Survivor,' 'Prime Suspect,' and 'Sabotage.' 


As per Metacritic, the show's synopsis reads, "After a passenger plane with 256 people disappears over the Atlantic, aviation investigator Kendra Malley (Archie Panjabi) is called in by her former boss and mentor, Howard Lawson (Christopher Plummer) to help locate it."

IMDb's synopsis for the show states: "Departure is a high-octane conspiracy series that follows the mystery of Flight 716 - a passenger plane that vanishes over the Atlantic Ocean. Following the mysterious crash, recently widowed, brilliant aviation investigator Kendra Malley is called in to investigate by her former boss and mentor Howard Lawson. With the whole world watching, Kendra and her team race to pinpoint the missing aircraft and locate possible survivors. They must battle through a host of suspects and motives, from pilot suicide and terrorism, to politically motivated murder and systems failure to determine what really happened to Flight 716 - and to stop it from happening again."


Archie Panjabi as Kendra O'Malley

Archie Panjabi from the series 'Departure' attends the 59th Monte Carlo TV Festival: Day Two on June 15, 2019, in Monte-Carlo, Monaco (Getty Images)

Panjabi is known for her role as Dr Patel in the HBO series 'I Know This Much Is True' (2020), Yasmin Husseini in 'Yasmin' (2004), Serena Johnson in 'San Andreas' (2015) and Kalinda Sharma in 'The Good Wide' (2009-2015). Her most recent works include 'Still Open All Hours' (2019), 'Run' (2020), and 'Blindspot' (2016-2020). She has a release titled 'Fairytale' in post-production in which she plays the role of Dr Jeanne.

Christopher Plummer as Howard Lawson

Christopher Plummer attends the post-screening event for "Knives Out" hosted by Audi Canada, Lionsgate, Mongrel Media, and MRC at Patria on September 07, 2019, in Toronto, Canada (Getty Images)

Plummer is known for his roles as Hal in 'Beginners' (2010), Mike Wallace in 'The Insider' (1999), J Paul Getty in 'All The Money In The World' (2017), and Dr Rosen in 'A Beautiful Mind' (2001). His most recent works include 'Boundaries' (2018), 'Cliffs of Freedom' (2019), 'Knives Out' (2019), and 'The Last Full Measure' (2019). 

Other members of the cast include Kris Holden-Ried as Dom, Rebecca Liddiard as Madelyn, Tamara Duarte as Nadia, Mark Rendall as Theo, Peter Mensah as Levi, Claire Forlani as Janet, Alexandre Bourgeois as AJ Malley, Shazad Latif as Ali, Kristian Bruun as Hoffman, Sasha Roiz as Pavel Bartok, Chantelle Han as Su-Lin Donovan and many more.


The creator of the series is Vince Shiao, with TJ Scott serving as director. Shiao, Stephanie Tracey, John Krizanc, Malcolm MacRury, and Ellen Vanstone serve as writers.


The trailer shows the events before and after a flight goes missing, from the chaos onboard to the chaos that grips the investigative team. The investigators find out that the pilot may somehow be involved, but who had helped him, who had gone to "great lengths" to cover up a disappearance of an aircraft. With hundreds dead, can the figure out the truth?



Where to watch

Catch Season 1 of 'Departure' on September 17, 2020, on Peacock.

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