Demi Lovato finds lockdown more 'luxurious' than being in a facility: 'In rehab you don’t get TV or your phone'

The singer was admitted to rehab after a near-fatal overdose in 2018 and likened the experience to social distancing, maintaining that the only difference is that the latter is 'luxurious'

                            Demi Lovato finds lockdown more 'luxurious' than being in a facility: 'In rehab you don’t get TV or your phone'
Demi Lovato (Getty Images)

Demi Lovato has revealed that she's unfazed by the lockdown. She also compared the practice of social distancing to rehab, not finding too many dissimilarities between the two except for the fact that she's finding staying at home, 'luxurious'.

The 'Sorry Not Sorry' singer checked into rehab after a near-fatal overdose in 2018 and she wasn't ready to shy away from equating her experience at the facility to social distancing.

Lovato recently appeared as a guest on Jameela Jamil's 'I Weigh' podcast where she revealed that the current situation feels the same as being in rehab: "I’m much more used to self-isolation, but I’m also really used to it because I was joking with some friends that I met in treatment. I was like, this just feels like rehab."

While everything else remains the same, the singer revealed that self-isolating is luxurious, "You’re on lockdown at a facility, which most of the time was like a house-looking place or they’ve got beds, except in rehab you don’t get TV or your phone, so this is luxurious."

"... You don't get to go to the store whenever you want or Postmate whatever you want. So, it's just interesting. I was like, 'I'm glad that I've already pretty much done this a few times in my life,'" the "Sorry Not Sorry" she added.

The 27-year-old also admitted that she considers herself to be a ‘homebody’ and does not necessarily enjoy the exposure and the recognition that is a part and parcel of her career in the public eye. She continued: "But when it comes to paparazzi or getting recognized, things like that, that’s just not a part that I really enjoy, so I stay home anyways. I’m a homebody."

However, she loves reaching out to people and helping them out through her music, "I love being able to reach a lot of people with my music and help them. And I love being able to use my platform for the greater good."

Lovato has also been paying a lot of attention to her mental wellbeing while confined to her house during quarantine by practicing meditation regularly. She also revealed that working from home is something that she doesn't "do well" and that she rather loves to relax more while inside.

She also shared her views on "cancel culture". Lovato admitted that she's been "canceled" many a time by social media users and she has no time for it and does not really care about the same anymore. 

"‘I’ve been canceled so many times, I can’t even count… the hashtag #DemiLovatoIsOverParty, that whole thing, it just doesn’t even affect me anymore," she explained.

"One, it’s not real. I don’t think anyone was ever officially canceled, otherwise, certain people wouldn’t have Grammys, wouldn’t have Oscars, certain people would be where they are in their positions," She also added that, "Cancel culture will not work unless people have some sort of mercy. You have to be able to do that."

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