'Rules don't apply to her?': Demi Moore slammed for taking dog Pilaf into Louvre despite pet ban

'Rules don't apply to her?': Demi Moore slammed for taking dog Pilaf into Louvre despite pet ban
Demi Moore went inside the Louvre museum with her pet dog (Instagram/ @demimoore)

People on the internet have blasted Demi Moore after she took her dog, Pilaf, for a tour of the world-famous Louvre museum despite the rule that bans animals inside the iconic Paris landmark. The 59-year-old ‘Striptease’ actress recently visited the museum and also posed in front of the iconic Mona Lisa painting with her pet.

She got herself clicked with Pilaf inside her blouse alongside other statues too. Moore shared the pictures on her Instagram account on Wednesday, July 13, with a caption that read: “Pilaf takes the Louvre.” The photos did not feature any other person, giving birth to speculations that she might have been on a private tour. However, it did not control the frustration of online critics as the museum’s website clearly bans “all animals, with the exception of guide dogs or assistance dogs accompanying persons with motor or mental impairment.”


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Soon people took to the comment section of Moore’s social media post with one user slamming her, saying, “Sad when celebrities abuse their fame and take their pets in places we common folk can't. The Louvre has a no pet policy with a service animal exemption. Demi Moore you should know better.” Another user asked, “How on earth are you allowed to bring a dog into the Louvre…?” A third critic wrote, “A dog in the best museum? ⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️"

“Selfish selfies... :-(,” a tweet read about Moore's museum selfies with her dog. Another tweet remarked, “I love dogs but a museum, never mind the Louvre museum, is not the place for them, not even small dogs. How on earth did Moore get into the Louvre and the French Open with a dog? I can't even believe this. She is now forever banned from the Louvre and …” A third critic rued, “Rules do not apply to the Nomenklatura.” “Rules for peasants do not apply to celebrities 🙄,” the fourth one added.







Replying with a sarcastic rejoinder, a user said, “Of course. Rules don’t apply to the entitled class.” Another tweet read, “Most liberals feel rules don’t apply to them.”




“Just like the Kardashian wearing an original Marilyn Monroe dress. These celebrities think they can do anything,” another person complained. A person wondered, “Why didn't the security do their job and kick her ass out!!” Another tweet remarked, “how to look ignorant & entitled. dumb americans abroad. Lock her up!” “The amount of kids that will never get the chance to visit the Louvre is astounding. But hey @justdemi let’s make sure your dog is smuggled in for photo ops. New plan: free museum visits for in the name of the dog who got so lucky,” a tweet added.






Meanwhile, in a 2019 interview, Moore had opened up about her love for dogs and a possible fourth marriage. She told Women's Wear Daily, “I never like to say never because I think that’s the set up for being made to be wrong but I don’t feel a need to. I feel like, most importantly, this time has been about being in a relationship with myself and that relationship with myself needing to be whole and complete before I could really open to someone else.”


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“I hope that there is a partner in my future when it’s the right time.  I think we’re a communal species — we’re not supposed to be alone — although I’ve gotten very comfortable alone — me and my seven dogs. My aunt gave me a pillow that says ‘I sleep with dogs’ and I do, but maybe I can make a little room in the king-size bed,” the mother-of-three had said.

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