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Demi Lovato mesmerizes fans with old hit 'Skyscraper' on iHeart's Living Room Concert: 'Help first responders'

Demi Lovato gave an emotional piano rendition of her classic hit 'Skyscraper' and in light of the coronavirus pandemic, it appears the track is more timely now than when it first released in 2011
Demi Lovato (Getty Images)
Demi Lovato (Getty Images)

Demi Lovato has taken her hit 'Skyscraper' to new heights. The American singer-songwriter performed a firey rendition on the piano of the song on Sunday night, March 29, for the benefit show 'The iHeart Living Room Concert for America'.

The one-hour long show aims to support first-responders and those on the frontline and spread social-distancing awareness during the coronavirus pandemic. 'Skyscraper' is the lead single from Lovato's third studio album 'Unbroken' which released in 2011. 

Before the performance, Lovato gave a moving speech for all those at home and those distressed over the spread of COVID-19, and said, "Help the first responders. Do what you can to lift them up".

Fans on Twitter commented with a lot of affection for Lovato and her 'Skyscraper' performance saying, "We love her" and "Love love love!" while a fan says "You're awesome. Thank you". One fan says, "Good lord the vocals. Demi has never failed to disappoint with every performance of Skyscraper. My favorite song of hers by far (sic)" while another said "Beautiful performance".

Although Lovato's inspiring effort is timely and comes in the notion of triumphant optimism for sure, it is sad to note that it takes a worldwide pandemic to get listeners to find the deeper meanings of artists' work. 

Throughout her career, the 27-year-old singer has been known for being open and vocalizing her struggles with addiction, self-harm and the emotional struggles she faced after being bullied in school. Prior to spending a few months in rehabilitation, Lovato shocked fans after an unexpected heroin overdose in 2018, leaving the singer almost close to death and for which she had to be hospitalized.

Even up to her performance of 'Anyone' which she sang at the 62nd Grammy Awards, Lovato has used her music to not only share her troubles but as means to give all those struggling with similar issues the simple, encouraging concept that you are not alone. Lovato's lyrics for 'Skyscraper' could be applied to the struggles we face today during the pandemic: "You can take everything I have. You can break everything I am. Like I'm made of glass. Like I'm made of paper. Go on and try to tear me down. I will be rising from the ground. Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper".

Lovato was one of many renowned music celebrities gracious enough to perform at the Sunday night special, including Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Tim McGraw and more.