Demi Lovato films first sex scene for NBC's 'Hungry', here's when and how to watch comedy

The singer took to Instagram to reveal her new NBC comedy will feature her first sex scene as she praised the show's 'professional' cast and crew

                            Demi Lovato films first sex scene for NBC's 'Hungry', here's when and how to watch comedy
Demi Lovato will be seen in comedy 'Hungry' for NBC. The show contains their first sex scene (Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Singer Demi Lovato is no stranger to acting, having appeared in numerous films and TV shows over the years. However, they have recently taken the bold step of doing a sex scene, a first for the gender-binary musician. Lovato revealed on July 20 they filmed their first sex scene on Instagram, with a racy photo to get fans excited. 

Lovato's sex scene is sure to get fans talking, but right now that's not the scene dominating social media discussions. Netflix's show 'Sex/Life' has people buzzing after a tattoo appeared to go 'missing' during a rather risque scene featuring Adam Demos. Speaking of sizzling photos, how can we forget Sharon Stone? In June, the 63-year-old posed in a yellow bikini for an Instagram pic, that instantly went viral. That came days after photos of Katy Perry emerged from Venice, where the singer encountered her own Marilyn Monroe moment. 


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Back to Lovato, the singer's first sex scene is part of their NBC comedy 'Hungry'. If that sounds like a delicious choice, here's everything you need to know about the show, so you don't miss the big moment. 

Release date and how to watch

Since the show is still early in filming, NBC is yet to confirm an air date for 'Hungry'. The show was ordered all the way back in January 2021 but temporarily shelved due to filming restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic. In April, Screenrant confirmed the pilot was in production. It appears Lovato's sex scene is part of the pilot, based on the timing.  
Of course, there's a good likelihood the show may never air.

Most networks order pilots, but cancel the shows if they aren't good enough. A lot of shows have died this way, and there's a chance 'Hungry' could be one of them. We will only get a confirmation of the air date once the pilot is done, and NBC reveals whether it's good enough. If that's the case, it could be easily another six months or more before the show is done. With the timelines, expect 'Hungry' to air sometime in mid-2022 at the earliest if NBC approves of the pilot. 


Plot and cast

With the show still early in filming, there's little we know about it. According to Deadline, it will focus on a group of friends who belong to a food-issues group. The group is on a quest to help each other look for love, success and the perfect thing in the fridge. We know Lovato plays a food stylist called Teddy, who "wants to have a healthy relationship with food and date men", but like so many of us struggles to find the right balance.

Alongside Lovato, the cast of the show includes Christian Magby, Valerie Bertinelli, Anna Akana, Alex Brightman, Ashley D. Kelley, Jay Klaitz, and Rory O’Malley. It's unclear what roles the others play, Deadline was able to reveal Magby's role as the "support group’s leader and creator" Jared. Bertinelli has been roped in to play Teddy's mother. 



Behind the cameras, the team creating 'Hungry' are equally talented. Lovato has been named as the Executive Producer, alongside Suzanne Martin. Martin also wrote the script for the show. If that name sounds familiar, Martin has been credited for writing episodes of 'Ellen', 'The Good Life', 'The Soul Man', and 'Will & Grace'. Other producers are Sean Hayes, Milliner & Scooter Braun, Scott Manson, and James Shin. 

It's unclear who is directing the show, and who the filmography is. As per NBC, it will be a single-camera show, so that should give viewers a very different experience. It should also present a unique take on Lovato's sex scene. Lovato didn't reveal any further, so we don't know what to expect till we get a trailer at the earliest. 


The latest news surrounding the show comes from Lovato themselves. Lovato confirmed the pilot was filming, with an Instagram post speaking about their first-ever sex scene. "Had to film a sex scene today. My first one! I had a little anxiety going into it but the cast and crew were so professional and easy to work with, it calmed me down immediately," they posted. Lovato added, "I don’t always feel good in my skin, so when I do, AND I feel sexy enough to post - I do just that! It’s important to celebrate the little wins. Yay for this random burst of body confidence and yay for awkward hilarious sex."



The scene is a big win for Lovato, who has in the past struggled with body image issues. They've also had a troublesome relationship with food, making the show a very personal project for them. Lovato is far from the only one, as a large number of celebrities have opened up of late about body positivity, which has, in turn, led to a large number of shows on the topic. 'Hungry' should be a fun watch, given that it's a comedy. Let's hope NBC likes the pilot enough!