Is Demi Lovato dropping a single? Eager fans speculate after singer shares clip of crew shooting a video

The singer also shared a black-and-white photo of her wearing headphones, which compelled fans to ask, 'Are you in the studio?'

                            Is Demi Lovato dropping a single? Eager fans speculate after singer shares clip of crew shooting a video
Demi Lovato (Getty Images)

Demi Lovato has shared a few posts on Instagram that hint at a possible new single (or album) is on the horizon. In Lovato's latest Instagram post she wrote, "To all the strong women who’ve nominated me... #challengeaccepted." The hashtag she included is a response to the internet challenge that sees "women supporting women” with shared black-and-white photos of themselves. The aim of the challenge is to celebrate womanhood and promote friendships among women. But among Lovato's fans, it is the photo she posted along with her message that seems to have drawn more attention.

Like her fellow Challenge Accepted participants, the singer shared a black-and-white photo of her wearing headphones which has led to fans asking, "Are you in the studio?💖." One fan asked, "Do the headphones mean you were at the studio and you’re dropping a new song soon? 😍😍😍😍" One fan wrote, "DROP A NEW SONG JUST FOR FUN, PLEASE I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE 😭," while others are hoping for a new album, saying, "LOVATICS WANT D7" and "so excited for D7 !!!"

Further clues of her possibly working on new music came on Wednesday, July 29 when Lovato shared an Instagram Story. The post is a video of what looks like behind-the-scenes footage of a crew shooting a music video. Demi shared a clip that looked like the set of a possible music video, which had fans asking about a new album. If an LP is releasing this year, it will mark Lovato's seventh studio album and first in three years since 'Tell Me You Love Me'. If it is a new single, it will follow Lovato's collaboration with Sam Smith, titled 'I'm Ready', which released in April.

Back in March, Lovato did reveal that she is working on a new album in an interview with Apple Music's Hanuman Welch. At the time, she said, "We haven't gotten into the track listings yet. I'm actually finishing up some of the album." She continued, "It was gonna be done a lot earlier than I thought. And then after my performances [at the 2020 Grammys and 2020 Super Bowl), you know, we kinda went back to the drawing board and thought, 'What is this album missing? Am I really putting out the best work that I possibly can?' So I'm just taking a little bit more time with it."

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