Deftones announce reissue of 'White Pony' with remix LP 'Black Stallion' and fans can't keep calm

In celebration of White Pony's 20th anniversary, Deftones gave updates on a new album as well as a reissue and remix version of 'White Pony'

                            Deftones announce reissue of 'White Pony' with remix LP 'Black Stallion' and fans can't keep calm
Chino Moreno (Getty Images)

Deftones hosted a virtual press conference on Zoom on June 20, which marks the 20th anniversary of the band's third album 'White Pony'. Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, drummer Abe Cunningham and keyboardist Frank Delgado shared updates of a 'White Pony' reissue, a remix album titled 'Black Stallion', as well as plans for their next album.

'Black Stallion' will feature all-new remixes of the 'White Pony' tracks, each crafted by a different producer, according to Rolling Stone. "Electronic, beat-driven music was something we all gravitated towards in that time," said Moreno, citing DJ Shadow (the only confirmed producer on the album as of yet) and UNKLE as influential during the 'White Pony' era. Moreno noted, "We had that idea 20 years ago" while Delgado added, "We actually hit (Shadow) up before we even wrote the album. He was playing in (Sacramento). I was opening for him (as a DJ). Me and Chino kind of cornered him at the Cattle Club. He looked at us like we were f***ing crazy. He asked, 'Deftones? Are you guys ska?'"

Before announcing the remix LP, Deftones also announced, "We're gonna be releasing later in the year a reissue of the record ('White Pony')." They added, "So we have a bunch of different people on it, some that actually inspired some of the writing of the record itself, the original album. So it's kind of come full circle." Fans on Twitter were super excited on hearing the news. "Let's go!!!" a fan said while another wrote, "I can't wait." One fan pointed out the timely anniversary date, saying, "Turns 20, on the 20th, in 2020." One fan recalled their favorite track from 'White Pony', saying, "Passenger is a top ten (of all time and genres) song for me." While another shared, "The drum sound on this album is phenomenal, especially in Passenger. Have been chasing this sound forever and a day, but never able to achieve it. A bloody good album."

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Deftones were forced to postpone their summer tour with Gojira and Poppy to 2021. However, the good news is that the band confirmed that their ninth studio album, originally slated for this summer, has been completed. The upcoming album was recorded in 2019 and mixed remotely under the supervision of White Pony producer Terry Date and is tentatively scheduled for release in September.

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