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'Dear White People' season 3 is 'boiling over with the tea' 'Queer Eye' style

The characters are pulling up to racist people's houses in a car with a number plate that reads 'Fabulous' the same way that the widely adored Fab 5 from 'Queer Eye' do in each episode.

The final and official trailer of 'Dear White People's upcoming third season proved to be a shining beacon offering us a sneak peek of what's in store for fans this season, and they didn't hold back anything when it came to spilling the tea, 'Queer Eye' style. 

As Logan Brownings' lead character Sam White announces she is done with the titular radio show that explores the bias and injustices that black people are afflicted by even today, we see others improvising on the concept front. And all that improvisation leads to these social activists pulling up to homophobic, racist people's houses in a car with a number plate that reads 'Fabulous' the same way that the widely adored Fab 5 from the Netflix makeover show 'Queer Eye' do in each episode.

'Dear White People' has a 'Queer Eye' parody in season 3. (Netflix)

One particular clip from the trailer shows five men with a token black guy walking into the college premises in the signature 'Queer Eye' style. We then see Sam turning on the TV screen to reveal a title card that reads the name of a show called 'US of Gay.' Following that, the black GMC road truck with the number plate that reads: ‘Fabulous’ arrives at an obviously racist white person's house, who feels the need to flag and flaunt their confederate flag from all of their windows. The scene cuts to indoors where a man clad in posh suits and boots can be seen rummaging through the closet of the racist homeowner, before pulling out a Ku Klux Klan mask and robe.

It doesn't stop there; for those unaware of 'Queer Eye', the Netflix show which just premiered its fourth season, has five gay men going around the country giving people makeovers, not only for their clothes and style but also making over their houses and reinventing their personalities. One of those Fab 5 makeover gurus happens to be fashion expert,  Tan France, and we see glimpses of him in this parody on 'Dear White People' season 3.


In the trailer, we see the man pulling out the KKK robe and mask exclaim "Hunty", the way hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness does on 'Queer Eye', but he does it in France's signature Doncaster-British accent. The faux-Tan also claims, “It’s after labor day. What are you doing with all this white?” in a way that a Jonathan and Tan mix would do and it's enough confirmation to know that the upcoming season of 'Dear White People' will be the queerest, most entertaining one of all! Spoiler alert, but there's plenty of gay BDSM exploration and 'RuPaul's Drag Race' references hidden in there too. Enjoy!

'Dear White People' season 3 premieres on Netflix, on August 2.