Deanna Sartor: Gold Star wife wants Joe Biden to resign over Afghan debacle, Internet agrees

Deanna Sartor lost her husband Sargeant Major James 'Ryan' Sartor during combat operations in Afghanistan two years ago

                            Deanna Sartor: Gold Star wife wants Joe Biden to resign over Afghan debacle, Internet agrees
Gold Star wife Deanna Sarton (L), whose husband Sgt Major James 'Ryan' Sartor (R) died in Afghanistan, calls for President Joe Biden to 'resign' (Fox News, Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Twitter: @TruBluWarriors)

Amid the flak targeted at President Joe Biden by war veterans who lost friends in Afghanistan, Gold Star families are also criticizing the sitting US president for his response to the Taliban takeover. One such woman, Deanna Sartor, whose husband was killed during deployment in 2019, has come forward asking Biden to "resign", claiming he has "let the entire county down".

The backlash against Biden has been rampant, with Twitter going crazy criticizing the White House photo shared of the POTUS in a video conference call. This ranged from accusing the White House clocks of being dysfunctional to that the WH doxxed a bunch of CIA analysts. The Taliban's re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan comes after President Ashraf Ghani fled the county, and Taliban leader Mullah Baradar was decided to become the president of the country.


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Who is Deanna Sartor?

Biden's initial 'confused' look during the conference call and later address to the nation has been compared to George W Bush's apparent lack of a reaction when the then-president was informed of the 9/11 attacks on twin towers. And now, Gold Star wife Deanna Sartor is calling for all Gold Star families like her to ask Biden to step down. In an interview with Fox News, Sartor opened up about her sentiments over Biden's response to the Taliban crisis, saying: "Really I would ask him to resign. I think he's incompetent, he's let the entire country down. He's weakened us in the eyes of the entire world and empowered countries like China and Russia to grab more power — I mean, it's just unacceptable."






Sartor lost her husband, Sargeant Major James "Ryan" Sartor during combat operations in Afghanistan two years ago. reveals that "Ryan moved to College Station, Texas to work and met the love of his life, Deanna Unger, in the fall of 2000. Ryan and Deanna began dating in February 2001 and were married on June 29, 2002 in Odessa, Texas." As a Sargeant Major, Ryan was assigned to the 10th Special Forces Group when he died in July of 2019. 


How Sgt Major Ryan Sartor died

Sartor remembered her husband saying, "He was extraordinary. Everyone that met him, loved him, and I still get calls and messages from people of all branches of the military that worked with him, and they just admired him and respected him. He was the kind of leader that wanted to be out there with his men. He could have been safely sitting at his desk that entire deployment, and he chose to go out and give them all the experience he had in combat, and he sacrificed for it."

Speaking about the US' alleged unspoken bond with Afghanistan and protecting its people, Sartor said "I don't think the mission (of protecting US from another attack) was completed, but I want to say to all the Gold Star families and the service members that have stepped foot over there, that their work was not done in vain. They did protect America, they protected their families, and they served with honor and I don't think the American people will forget that. They see it — God sees it, and their sacrifice and honor will not be forgotten."

Internet stands with Deanna Sartor

Ryan is survived by his wife and three children: Stryder, Grace and Garrett, the oldest of which is set to go to college. Sartor said she misses her husband not being around to send their child off to college together, as she told Fox News. She envisioned her husband "would've been retired by now, and I envision us sending him (oldest child) off to college together, and crying on his (husband's) shoulder and now I'm doing it alone and I just want to make sure that we carry our duty in Afghanistan and that I'm not doing it alone for no reason."

Social media too seems to agree with Sartor on her opinions about Biden. "Completely agree with Deanna Sartor Biden is not a leader and should resign or be Impeached! He is quickly destroying America," tweeted one user. Another argued on Twitter: "I won’t stop the Biden resignation talk. Everyone wants me to stop talking about it. Not stopping. The GOP should pull its dumb fucking head out of its ass and join me. Stop being scared of a hooker. Faster she gets in, faster she gets out. Burn it all down. Biden must resign!"

The user further added: "No one wants to take risks. Can’t win without risks. Nothing to lose. Why protect Joe Biden? Resignation and impeachment is in order! There is a price to pay for this. Every elected official in the GOP and the Dems too — everyone should be talking resignation and impeachment!" The thread ended with the announcement: "Gold star wives are talking resignation. Join us!" Others wrote: "Retirement. Impeachment Now A Gold Star Wife says @POTUS needs to RESIGN NOW. @JoeBiden does not have the confidence of the military or the American people."