'Deadly Class' episode 4 promo: Viktor and Petra lie bloodied, as Saya ominously screams 'run' in 'Mirror People'

The upcoming episode 4 of 'Deadly Class' raises concern for the plight of the murderous students, as they face detention and are attacked by men in suits and masks

                            'Deadly Class' episode 4 promo: Viktor and Petra lie bloodied, as Saya ominously screams 'run' in 'Mirror People'

After two back-to-back parties for the assassin students, it's now time to serve some... well, time. The released promo teaser gives fans a lot to worry about, especially for our kicka** heroine, Saya Kuroki. All the fan-favorites, as well as the despised students of King's Dominion, will be serving Mater Lin's detention, likely for what happened in episode 3, you know the "rats," vs. the "legacies" throwdown. 

'Mirror People,' as the upcoming episode is titled, features six students in the detention hall, bored to death and entertaining themselves with paper balls, a hoodie lace, and their own middle fingers, as Chico demonstrates.

"What is this?" questions Marcus, who is getting used to the crazy world of King's Dominion and his killer classmates. "Detention," Petra hisses. 'The Breakfast Club' vibe is interrupted with an alarming statement by Chico, and events take a chilling turn. "We are trapped. No weapons, no nothing," says the leader of Soto Vatos as the students run down the corridor as two men in suits and masks chase them.

The 19-second trailer is action packed with powerful kicks and sword-wielding. However, it looks like the weaponless killer teens are overtaken by the two men in suits as we see Saya scream "run," and the blade inches away from her throat. We also see Viktor and Petra on the floor soaked in blood, and Master Lin gearing up for a fight. "We are all going to die in here," Chico says looking concerned. 

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The official synopsis of the show released along with the trailer reads: "Saya and Marcus have to survive an attack on the school when Saya's past comes back to haunt her." So, going by the statement and the trailer, it looks like the two men in suits, brutally attacking the defenseless students are from the Kuroki family of Japan that Saya belongs too. Remember, in the last episode, Yukio, an unsuspecting silent student was bribed to kill Saya? Looks like the action is set for that.

Concerned fans took to the YouTube comments section to enquire why Viktor and Petra are drenched in blood. On user asked, "Was that Petra and Vicktor [sic] laying on the floor [together] BLEEDING?" Another shipped the two despite how ugly things got last episode. "Who else literally had [their] heart cut out when Viktor set up Petra? 🙋🏼‍♀️ But 0:13 gives me hope for #viktra 🤗 despite all the blood 🤣," a user wrote.

The stakes are high this episode, and someone or the other will surely die, typical of 'Deadly Class.' However, this episode may also see our favorite killers fighting off the enemies with their combined forces, even if Saya's katana is nowhere to be seen.

'Deadly Class' airs Wednesdays on Syfy at 10/9c.