'Deadly Class' Season 1: A lethal test and more deaths await in 'Noise, Noise, Noise'

Episode 2 of 'Deadly Class' premieres on Wednesday and here's what to expect from the action-packed thriller abounding in teenage drama and brutal deaths.

                            'Deadly Class' Season 1: A lethal test and more deaths await in 'Noise, Noise, Noise'

The pilot episode of 'Deadly Class' was quick to establish its violent genre and the elite students of King's Dominion have proved survival is only for the ones most vile, or those who pretend to be so, like Willie, son of the leader of an LA gang, but a pacifist at heart. In stark contrast is protagonist Marcus Lopez Arguello, a newbie and a "rat," who actually killed Rory instead of the "tough guy," Willie.



After the murder of the homeless man in the pilot episode, expect more deaths in episode 2. Why not? 'Deadly Class' is anyway compared to the 'Game of Thrones,' with regards to violence based in a "Hogwarts" for the assassins.

The promo trailer of the upcoming episode titled 'Noise, Noise, Noise' features a lot of noise, action, fighting, blood and of course, death. The students are put to a lethal test because that's just the way the headmaster, Master Lin rolls. There's no place for the weak in King's Dominion, and if subjects such as poison lab and deadly arts did not assure you of that in the pilot, this episode surely will. 



The trailer starts as Lex, the outcast, says "Today we riot," obviously proving that it's just another day at King's Dominion. The test, however, is unlike any other, as steel gates clamp down to trap the students and they start bleeding from their noses. It will be interesting to see how the newcomer Marcus will pass the test because Saya obviously will. There's more action from her end as she comes out fighting this episode. "They won't stop until they get what they came for," she says, as two men in suits with masks on walk through the school's corridors.

But just because they are killers does not mean they are not teenagers. So heartbreak is evident. We see Petra, the goth girl crying as Viktor, son of Joseph Stalin's top assassin, says "rats will be rats." There's a house party too as the synopsis suggests that there will be "a party at Shabnam's house and all the school is invited." Expect the wild and crazy as Viktor walks out naked, there's a sex scene too and most importantly there's trouble.

A new face is also going to be introduced this episode, and his name is Chester 'Fuckface' Wilson. Comic readers know that he is the villain who plans on killing Marcus because people think Marcus was the one to set the orphan boys' home on fire leaving many of its inhabitants homeless and one of them happens to be 'Fuckface.' His face was half-burnt during the tragedy, but in episode one, Marcus confessed it wasn't him who burnt the house down. 

This episode Marcus will be "dealing with the guilt of killing Rory," as said in the synopsis but it is the death and survival to look forward to as Master Lin makes it clear, "the weak does not belong in my school."

'Deadly Class' airs on Wednesdays 10/c on Syfy.