'Deadly Class' episode 7 review: Chico's eerie decapitated head talking to Chester is possibly an extension of his own mind

Chico was murdered in episode 5, but has baffled many by coming back to life; decapitated and being looked after by Fu**face

                            'Deadly Class' episode 7 review: Chico's eerie decapitated head talking to Chester is possibly an extension of his own mind

'Deadly Class' tries to push boundaries with every new episode, but with this week's seventh chapter, 'Rise Above,' has the show gone a bit too far?

No one actually rose above the situation: Maria is still a mess, and this time, there's an added threat from Chico's Cartel family. Marcus, Saya, and Billy unite to tackle Chester Fu**face Wilson which leads to an uncanny alliance with a dangerous serial killer, professor of psychopathy, Scorpio Slasher, but Fuc*face is still alive. What's more baffling is that Chico is still alive. You ask how?

Thought what you may, but Chico is as animated as it can get. There's a lot of conversation happening between Fuc*face and the body-less Chico.

In episode 5, the leader of Sotos Vatos, was killed by Maria as his throat was neatly sliced when he was on the verge of killing Marcus. His body was deserted in one of the narrow lanes of Las Vegas, but Fu**face found him. The latter decapitated the dead body, placing Chico's head in a bucket of ice. But somehow, Chico is alive, or so it seems.

Raising his eyebrows, licking off poured beer, and even calming Fu**face Wilson when he's raging, Chico's dead body is serving more purpose than just a means to blackmail Marcus and his gang. There's no plausible explanation for this, except for the fact that Chico's resurrection is just reflective of Fu**face's state of mind.

Fu**face is imagining conversations with the dead, metaphorically as his own conflicted state of mind, and Chico's response is just expanding the inner workings of the serial killer's mind. But, think what you may, it is pretty creepy to see Chico only with his head, raising eyebrows and flicking his tongue, because even though fans did not want him dead, this isn't exactly the way we imagined him to come back to life. A ghost at least would have been better, right?

Anyway, talking about the living, Marcus actually feels he isn't a human anymore because he has lost his ability to feel. He lets Saya read his personal diary and she comes to know about Fu**face and Marcus' history in the boys home.

Marcus poisoned Fu**face, subjected him to an explosion embedded with needles, but somehow he managed to survive and kill all the boys of the orphanage, and also the cruel mistress. Marcus' intention was to free the boys, but Fu**face had them killed and Marcus was blamed for it, but according to Fu**face, he was robbed of his villainy by Marcus and he wants it back, just so he can become famous and appear on TV.

We will see how that turns out, but as of this episode, one of Marcus' friend was killed by Slasher, with his bare hands. The professor of Fundamentals of Psychopathy just tore his abdomen and extracted his intestines, making Marcus and Billy go "Holy Sh*t!" and Fu**face to run away when attempting to capture another dog to perform beastiality on.

"I also do disembowelment," says Slasher, with no reaction from the surprised faces around him. After this episode, Slasher sure qualifies to be an interesting character, who kills mercilessly, but loves eating burritos and ice-cream. He even threatens Saya with a knife, just so he can demand ice-cream. However, the way the gang rescued Slasher was very much reminiscent of what 'Deadly Class' has been compared to -- Harry Potter. Saya effortlessly figures out the unguarded doorway, making her seem so much like Hermoine Granger, but a badass version.

A still from Deadly Class
A still from Deadly Class

Absent from the group is Maria, as Saya's jealousy about Marcus' and Maria's relationship is more than evident this episode when she refrains Marcus from running after Maria.

While Willie finds love, Master Lin's loved ones are threatened by his own sister, Master Gao. Maria is fighting her own battles of proving herself innocent even though we know, she is not. She is made to kill Yukio, the student who plotted against Saya. She kills him in her signature style, slicing his throat with her bladed fan, but how do we know he isn't going to be resurrected like Chico.