'Deadly Class' Season 1 review: Syfy's show has all the ingredients to soar, but viewers aren't flocking

The show that premiered with 2.7 million viewers already on board isn't as recognized as it should be, here's why

                            'Deadly Class' Season 1 review: Syfy's show has all the ingredients to soar, but viewers aren't flocking

Syfy's 'Deadly Class,' has all the required ingredients to make a good TV show. As gory as 'Game of Thrones,' as depressing as '13 Reasons Why,' and as high school oriented as the 'Mean Girls,' with King's Dominion bringing feels of Harry Potter's 'Hogwarts,' is a stellar cast, including 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' alum Lana Condor, and, also, the music is superb, an admirable mix of alt-rock, punk and new wave tunes, incurring massive 1980s nostalgia.

The millennial drama ensures it is a show for all - and coming right out of a graphic comic creation by Rick Remender and Wes Craig, the show already had a cult following. So, now the question is why is 'Deadly Class' not a cult-favorite TV show yet?

Deadly Class episode 1 (Syfy)
Deadly Class episode 1 (Syfy)

More often than not, comic book adaptations have worked amazing as on-screen translations, with the likes of 'Flash', 'Krypton,' and 'Gotham' seeing success, and the point of difference between these shows and Syfy's 'Deadly Class,' has, unfortunately, been flexibility. When news of Rick Remender's involvement with the show first made news, the comic-book fans were overjoyed to know how the show would exactly turn out on screen - and it has, and, that has worked against it.

Leaning too heavily on the graphic novel, the show doesn't necessarily render the same level of enjoyment to TV entertainment. There aren't any flaws to the show, and it reads exactly like a comic, where the coolness is a bit too hip for non-comic book readers to identify with and dialogues don't feel like a conversation.

Viewers have complained very little effort was put into the script as it feels as though it is being read. Last week's episode, titled 'Mirror People,' was one of my favorites so far, and Billy's (Liam James) monologue after getting thoroughly beaten up by his stepfather was very chilling; it provoked a sense of revenge and reduced Marcus Arguello, the protagonist, to tears. The reason why it stood out was because it was a monologue, and I don't recall any other significant dialogues so far, besides this one.


That's one of the reasons 'Deadly Class' hasn't necessarily boomed. It takes a while for the show to have standout moments. Another reason could be because of the premise, but that is still arguable. Not many can be a fan of a high school-based show, abundant in violence.

In the graphic comics, the school students are brandishing guns like there's no tomorrow, and even though the show makers consciously avoided using guns in the series, especially on school premises, they replaced them with lethal darts, as if that is supposed minimize the impact of violence. In today's society where gun violence in schools has plagued the nation, watching that being narrated as the premise of a show based in 1980s counter-culture solely for entertainment purpose, isn't a, particularly, welcomed idea. 

Talk about the villains too, there are a bit too many, and Chester F**kface Wilson resorts to beastiality and that is explicitly featured as well. Those who takes offense easily might have just switched off the screen and vowed to never watch the show again, possibly. That is why a major viewership, exactly 2.7 million, who viewed the pilot prior to the premiere through various platforms dwindled and the latest episode, which I noted was my favorite, garnered only half a million viewership.

It's not the acting, there's each character to be cherished, the villains among the villains to be despised and insignificant characters too are to be remembered. Fans have questioned why the show they are so in love with hasn't boomed, some pointed it was the network, Syfy, and its limited viewership, others opined on the above points.

But here's the bottomline - 'Deadly Class' isn't for everyone - you can love it, hate it or even ignore it, it's not as impactful as it ought to have been, despite having all the ingredients for a good show, it is forgettable.

On a personal note, I hope the show becomes big, because it is unlike anything else on TV right now. And isn't tomorrow's episode a trip to Vegas? Here's a trailer for 'Saudade.'

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