'Deadly Class' episode 9 review: Truth comes to light and fan-favorite characters drown in darkness

The penultimate episode of 'Deadly Class' is by far the second best episode of the season as the momentum picks up for the finale with a love triangle and two major deaths

                            'Deadly Class' episode 9 review: Truth comes to light and fan-favorite characters drown in darkness

'Deadly Class' episode 5 'Saudade' was hands down the best episode of the show until now. The penultimate episode titled 'Kids of the Black Hole' comes pretty close to stealing that title thanks to all the drama after Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth) cheated on his girlfriend Maria (María Gabriela de Faría) with Saya (Lana Condor), and two major murders.

A lot actually happened in episode 9 and, despite keeping up with the show, it feels as though we ate something sour while relishing something sweet. Not that 'Deadly Class' is anything sweet. Set in the dystopian counterculture of 1980s San Francisco and revolving around a homeless guy and a group of assassins, the series is an acquired taste among millennials and those who are pop culture savvy.  

Opening with a musical number sung by the villain Chester 'Fuckface' Wilson (Tom Stevens), it's intriguing to see the man who performs beastiality unapologetically sing a romantic song. Invasion of Shabnam's (Isaiah Lehtinen) home means party time for Chester and his really weird family with Chico's (Michel Duval) decapitated head still in the ice bucket and Shabnam's parents' caged like animals.

However, this does not last long. Shabnam's dad manages to escape only to be killed in the front yard since Chester had effortlessly laid a lethal trap. 

Saya, as the most efficient of all the assassins in King's Dominion, observes all this drama from a neighboring roof and calls in a meeting with the "Vegas group" to confirm that Chester has Chico's head and Shabnam's dad is dead.

Shabnam, who is Marcus's roommate, seems to be oblivious of that and Marcus did not disclose the heartbreaking news. Good that he didn't. Not because he deserves our sympathy, but because he is serving as Master Gao's (Olivia Cheng) spy and secretly taping Marcus's conversations. 

Master Gao gets real cruel in this episode as she launches a brutal attack on Master Lin's (Benedict Wong) hidden family. In the last episode, she had discovered her brother's secret family, and this episode she plans on getting them killed. 

Lin had done all that he could to keep his family safe, especially his little daughter. He had well-rehearsed the story that he had lost his family and had narrated the same to Chico's Cartel family as well as his sister. He knew she was a danger to his daughter because of her thirst to avenge the biases of their father.

The secret does not remain hidden despite Lin pulling off a facade as a cruel headmaster with zero emotions towards anything. He is heard saying in class, "To care for another is a weakness. If you love someone enough to die for them, then you surely will." In the end, that's what exactly happens, as Lin's wife takes a bullet for their daughter when Chico's father pulls the trigger.

Lin escapes carrying his daughter but the Cartels are close at heels.

Saya was told to guard the house. It was Lin's order. But Saya had her own duty to launch an attack on Chester along with her assassin gang so she forsakes Lin's order. Prior to this unfateful night, Saya and Marcus had hooked up after planning an attack when Marcus had clearly promised Maria that he would spend the night with her.

Instead, he wakes up naked outdoors with Saya by his side. And, boom, he immediately regrets it. Taking a wild run towards the book store where he is supposed to secure explosives from, he has a thousand things going on in his head. Recollecting the night, he realizes that he said "I love you" to Saya and screams: "You idiot!" 

On reaching the store, his hangover worsens and he ends up having loosies! Marcus thinks it's Karma, since he cheated on his girlfriend, that too with her best friend. The team, including Maria, shows up at the store and it's amazing to see how little crazy Maria is compared to previous episodes when she was "acting up." She doesn't lash out at Marcus, instead, just gives a questionable nod and abides by the fact that she trusts him.


As the focus is to kill Chester, that love triangle and emotions take a back seat. Meanwhile, Willie, the pacifist, has quit the group and the school and is headed to Las Angeles with his new girlfriend.

The final episode has so much to reveal. From Marcus's confession to Shabnam's realization, to Lin's truth and the fate of all students of King's Dominion, especially with deadly villains who have an upper hand. We are in for some more sourness.