'Deadly Class' episode 5 review: 'Saudade' isn't just an episode, it's a psychedelic experience, thanks to 10 tabs of LSD

'Deadly Class' just sealed the deal with the trippiest episode on TV and we are still reeling from the full-fledged psychedelic experience

                            'Deadly Class' episode 5 review: 'Saudade' isn't just an episode, it's a psychedelic experience, thanks to 10 tabs of LSD

This article contains spoilers

Rick Remender, the creator of 'Deadly Class,' swore to us that episode 5 titled 'Saudade' would blow our minds and guarantee satisfaction with the assassin gang taking a trip to Las Vegas to carry out Billy's foul deed.


Trippy AF! This is how I can sum up today's episode.

Talk about drug overdoses without dying, and brutal fights resulting in deaths. 'Saudade,' which implies a nostalgic state and profound melancholy that what's gone will never return, features Billy's revenge and loss at its organic best. 'Deadly Class' really is unlike anything on TV at the moment, and this episode just sealed the deal.

I am a very shallow TV binger - and I hardly immerse myself into characters and storylines, until they are profound and impactful, such as this episode. At first, I did go "what the hell is happening?" but suddenly I found myself getting high along with Marcus Auguello. So, here's the thing, the episode starts with Marcus at a police station, stoned as hell and beyond, his eyes bloodshot and his hands stained with blood.

We knew someone had died and guessed it could be Billy's father, the main reason why they are in Vegas anyway. Then Marcus recollects; Saya, Maria, Billy, Willie, and Marcus are on a road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas, and they drop by a hippie commune to secure drugs. Absent from the gang are the other rats, Petra and Lex, and from the legacy gang, Chico is not invited. But who can stop Chico right? He is seen following the gang, close at heels because he just can't leave Maria alone.

Marcus and Willie go a separate way from Saya and Maria and both teams get themselves contently drugged, Saya and Maria with Cocaine and Marcus with one blotter paper of LSD, but he feels cheated. So, when a man comes to them selling some "really good stuff," though he doesn't buy it, the man offers a taster of 10 tabs of the acid, and he takes seven hits at a go.

Man! Marcus starts tripping and we do too. The road trip turns into a grand entry into a world of circus as city lights magnify in whirling patterns, and images peculiar to Vegas, such as a deck of cards and dices start rolling in the sky. Marcus blankly smiles and so does Billy, and Willie, and the girls. For a full five to eight minutes we are stunned with the magnificence of the high and the visual cinematography of this episode as Marcus tries to catch the smoke blown out from a joint and take a ride around the universe. Added to this experience is slow rock music, delivering the visual experience a holistic treat.


Even on reaching the motel, the high does not stop and Marcus tries to draw a snow angel on a casino carpet. It's wobbly, funny, and we feel high. The effect is so persistent that even when it's time to kill Billy's father, who is next door, the murder happens in a haze. Marcus sees Billy's hesitance and the upper hand his father has to beat him to a pulp, so he machos-up and attacks him with a wooden chair, which has zero effect on the well-built man. So, he resorts to a glass ashtray, breaks it on his head, and the voila! the deed is done.

The 'Saudade,' dawns as Billy remorsefully realizes his father is actually dead. He was certain he wanted to kill him, for the safety of his mother and little brother, but when the deed is done, he lets out a heart-piercing cry; "I never asked you for anything," and questions "why" several times as he continues to cry out loud, until Marcus reminds him, he has to hide the body.

Marcus keeps hallucinating because he took 7 hits, actually a total of 8 and you can imagine how dazed he is. He sees a clown figure made of wired lights that warn him, "I see you." But who actually sees Marcus this time is the ultimate villain, Chester F**kface Wilson. A brief encounter in the elevator gives F**kface enough time to warn Marcus, but refrains from killing him despite pointing a knife.

Who really wants to kill Marcus is Chico, as he is caught making out with Maria by the obsessive bad boy. Firing guns and chasing him, Chico, the leader of Soto Vatos, shows no mercy in his quest till Marcus is cornered. Maria flies to the rescue and spreads out her bladed fan and neatly slices off Chico's throat on the spot. Chico's dead body is later examined by F**kface.

The gang then head back to their deadly school, Marcus is freed from the police station by Master Lin, but the latter's motive is pretty debatable. We can't say for certainty if Master Lin really came to Vegas to spare Marcus of trouble, because, first, the kids had sneaked out and second, Master Lin adds to Marcus' 'Saudade' as he hallucinates his parents are still alive.

When Marcus enquires what should he do, Lin tells him to talk to his mother and apologize for what he became. This is just too much for a homeless boy, on a murderous road trip with his assassin friends, caught up in a love triangle as Maria kisses him and Saya looks on. 

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