'Deadly Class': Watch out for Lana Condor and San Francisco in the '80s seen through the eyes of an angry teenager

Syfy's 'Deadly Class' officially airs tonight. Be ready to see Lana Condor in the most non-Lara Jean version and look out for the gore!

                            'Deadly Class': Watch out for Lana Condor and San Francisco in the '80s seen through the eyes of an angry teenager

Today is the day you get yourself enrolled in the academy of deadly arts, officially.

Syfy's 'Deadly Class' is slated to premiere on January 16, 10/9c, even though the network released the pilot last Christmas. Those who viewed it instantly took to social media to express their like/dislike, and those who could not watch it put the action thriller in their most-anticipated list. So even if you already binged on it, here's something you can still look forward to. There's nothing called enough when it comes to 'Deadly Class'.

Watch out for Lana Condor


Nope, she is not the sweet high school girl who is writing letters to all the boys she's loved before. In 'Deadly Class', she likely hasn't loved any boy before because she is the unattainable woman, the protagonist, Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth) falls for. She is wielding swords now, goodbye to penning letters! The 21-year-old actress plays Saya, a trained assassin. If that's not something to look forward to, then wait till you see her with short black hair, full sleeve tattoos, riding a two-wheeler and kicking asses left, right and center.

King's Dominion

The elite high school where teenage angst is at its extreme best. Described to be Hogwarts, but for assassins, the action-packed institution will keep you at the edge of your seat. The school feels like an escape from the lonely world, but it's a deadly ecosystem where the "rats" don't tend to thrive competing against the children of the world’s most ruthless murderers, warlords, crime syndicates, mafia members, and gangsters.

'80s nostalgia

'Stranger Things' will not be the sole TV hit to make you nostalgic of the '80s. Here's 'Deadly Class' with reminiscent soundtracks and 1983 San Francisco. The kids dressed in '80s denim and high waisters when not in the body-fitting sophisticated uniform, talk about the evils of a capitalist system and try out gravity (the bong, not Newton's gravity) from fish tanks. The pilot itself is quick to establish the flaws in Ronald Reagan's presidency. The funds cut off from research institutions and mental health facilities during the time alarmed citizens since they did not even address the AIDS epidemic in 1980s America. The show is not only a ride down nostalgia lane but also an important historical context, well-researched and understood.

It's violent but it's cautious

Comic book readers know the gore and violence to expect from the show. While Rick Remender, the author of the graphic comic, worked closely with Wesley Craig, Lee Loughridge, and Rus Wooton to translate the comic into TV the way fans expect it and beyond, one particular detail was voluntarily missed out. No, it's not 'F**kface,' the villain who engages in bestiality. It's the use of guns at school, even if the school is for killers. Comic book readers know that in the book, gang members routinely brandish guns inside the school, but in the show, there are no guns used on the school premises. The change was made in the wake of today’s epidemic of gun violence in schools.

New TV crush

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Benjamin Wadsworth stars as Marcus Lopez Arguello, a homeless teenager who will be your new crush. As a new student and the "fresh meat", Marcus is bullied at school but he ensures it never happens to him again or to anyone around him. The vagrant Marcus has a dark past but he gets all the more endearing as the show progresses. He captures the attention of popular girls at school, especially Maria Gabriela de Faria as Maria Salazar, a member of a prominent crime family. However, he falls in love with Condor's character Saya Kuroki, while we fall in love with him. Talk about love triangles!