'Deadly Class' episode 6 review: Maria Salazar has to square with consequences, craziness and crucifixion in 'Stigmata Martyr'

Aptly titled 'Stigmata Martyr,' the episode explores Maria's backstory and what made her go this crazy, in love and out of love

                            'Deadly Class' episode 6 review: Maria Salazar has to square with consequences, craziness and crucifixion in 'Stigmata Martyr'

This article contains spoilers

So what if they are killers? They have emotions too and "Love is the most corrosive emotion." Episode 6 of 'Deadly Class,' was all about consequences and Maria Salazar (María Gabriela de Faría) was at the front, back and center of it all. Recuperating from Chico's (Michel Duval) death, and appearing anything but apologetic about slicing the throat of her lover in order to protect Marcus Arguello, Maria starts acting out.

I lost count of the number of times she was called "crazy," but the reason for that was more about Maria not taking her bipolar medication, coupled with the guilt of killing Chico and her seething jealousy towards Saya (Lana Condor), because even she likes Marcus.

After murdering her abusive boyfriend for the sake of her potential love interest, she dreds losing Marcus to Saya, so, guess what she does? Tries to kill him, of course. Isn't that how you deal with heartbreak anyway? At least in the world of assassins, that's just how it goes.

Saya protects Marcus by nabbing the arrow at the right time, just before it pierces Marcus' face. As Marcus chases the person who fired at him, he is shaken to know it's his girlfriend. Yup, they are dating. Eventually they end up kissing and having sex.

A quick recap of the scene takes you to the time when he almost kissed Saya, again, before the arrow shot at his face. Marcus just being the typical boy playing with two hearts at a go tells Saya "how did I get into this mess?"

Well, yeah, he's just dating Maria and wooing her and giving her anniversary gifts while looking at Saya and exchanging some intense moments. The episode catches up a month after the Las Vegas incident, aka, the last episode, and Maria is thoroughly questioned by Master Gao (Olivia Cheng), Master Lin's sister, and is caned till she bleeds.

Master Gao, the woman we met in episode 2, where she uses naked men and women as furniture items, is a dangerous character, we now know. Not only does she have a grudge against her brother Master Lin, she also loathes Saya and informally adopts Brandy Lynn (Siobhan Williams), the neo-Nazi and leader of the Dixie Mob, as her favorite to challenge Saya's excellence, as well as Master Lin's. For that, she brutally humiliates a professor who refuses to give Brandy an "A." Brandy even goes on to inscribe an 'A' on the professor's forehead with a blade after Gao tells her to do so.


Talking about inscribing, the episode is aptly titled 'Stigmata Martyr,' which, by the way, is a 1980 song by British gothic rock band Bauhaus which describes the crucifixion of Jesus; the stigmata are the marks in his head, hands, and feet. At first, we see Maria poke a pencil in her palms, because obviously she's gone crazy, but that takes us back to her story and how she ended up in Chico's family.

Maria had a family of her own, a good Christian family in Mexico. But her family was murdered in cold blood by Chico and his family because Maria's father stole food to feed his family. Not even a single family member was spared by the Cartels, except for Maria, because Chico suggested he knows the girl and she is "smart," and "useful." They were children, but Chico really did save her and got her adopted. As for Maria's father, he was crucified for stealing.

Maria and Chico (episode 2)
Maria and Chico (episode 2)

Maria is still in denial though, of killing Chico, and nobody is going to tell. Except Brandy highly doubts she is the one to have done it. But there's no proof. Chico's body was never found. How? Because turns out, Chester F**kface Wilson has his body and uses it to threaten Marcus. Besides Chico, Wilson also has Shabnam's parents trapped in a cage. We know Wilson is into beastiality, so caging humans should not be a problem for this ultimate villain.  

However, the good news is Petra and Viktor are still alive, but the bad news is that we can't ship them anymore. Not only because we want Petra to acknowledge Billy's love, but also because Viktor is gay and has a thing for Shabnam, as Marcus guesses after seeing his boner when bullying Shabnam.

Willie finds love too, and that's another great reason to watch this episode because he might suck at flirting, but he makes up pretty good and even tells Marcus he is going to marry that girl. The girl being the one at the comic book store. They both look pretty cute together. As for Marcus, he's here to break hearts - Maria's, Saya's and ours.