'Deadly Class' Season 1 Episode 4 review: There's unity and action but 'rats' steal the show as Saya and Marcus kiss

Even though the Kurokis came for Saya, we couldn't help but watch out for Petra and Billy as they fought back

                            'Deadly Class' Season 1 Episode 4 review: There's unity and action but 'rats' steal the show as Saya and Marcus kiss

What Rats? What Legacies? 'Mirror People,' shattered all the division created in the previous three episodes and built King's Dominion as a place driven by team spirit, for a change. But one thing that did not change is Chico's selfishness. In the last episode we heard Chico (Michel Duval), the leader of Soto Vatos, tell Maria Salazar (María Gabriela de Faría), his girlfriend, there are no friends in King's Dominion, everyone is a competition and, in this episode, he portrays exactly that.

On being attacked by the Kurokis, who came to kidnap Saya Kuroki (Lana Condor), Chico takes a sneaky run. First, he lets Jaden (Michael Mitton) die, because he was already injured and couldn't keep up with the rest and then finds an escape route from a library. Without telling Saya, or Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth), or injured Petra (Taylor Hickson) and Viktor (Sean Depner), Chico takes the tunnel to escape the manslaughter by the masked men in suits.

When Marcus and Saya figure out the escape tunnel, Chico shuts the gate, playing the bad guy all over again, just when you thought he and Marcus could get along. Because in detention, that is exactly what happens. Six of the students are punished by Master Lin (Benedict Wong), and their weapons are seized.

Yukio (Sam Jin Coates), who was given the task of killing Saya, alerts the Kuroki men the students are defenseless in the library room. Not that anything could have stopped the Kuroki men from their onslaught, even if the students did have weapons, because the two fierce fighters killed almost everyone in the building including the protectors of the school. However, the students who were spared from detention did not even encounter the Kuroki men.

The action-packed episode, sadly, led to two of our favorite characters getting severely injured; Petra and Viktor, it also gave us one of the most beautiful moments in the show. As the two lie in a pool of blood (because Petra got axed on her shoulders and Viktor got stabbed on his stomach/abs), Petra looks at Viktor and narrates a story about looking into someone's eyes when they are dying.

Given how Viktor betrayed Petra in the last episode, this was truly a moment of reconciliation and forgiveness. However, it was neither. Petra offered Viktor a can of juice, which he refused, because to him "rats will be rats." But to Petra, the Russian hunk is a human being who is dying along with her. A flashback of the goth-girl takes us back to the comic animation where Petra begins her story; her father was a good Christian until he got into a Satanic cult and started calling himself a messiah.

Petra, was ignored by both her parents when she was a child and there were strangers rampantly coming into the house for group sex, drawing Pentagrams on the walls. When it was Petra's birthday, she was greeted by a messed-up kitchen. On opening the refrigerator and expecting a cake, Petra chanced upon a jar where two eyeballs were stored; those were her "mother's green eyes."

On panicking, she dropped the jar and her father came in, but instead of consoling her, he told her to look into her mother's eyeballs and explained the beauty of death and how fearless one becomes after knowing death. Viktor listens and even if he doesn't show it, there's a certain remorse he feels. 


As for Saya and Marcus, their hurdled escape makes them the Kurokis' prey as Marcus is hit and Saya kidnapped. But incoming, is the hero of King's Dominion, Master Lin, who gears up to fight the Kuroki. Where was he all this time? Well, in the arms of his beloved. But on returning, he sees the mass slaughter in the Chinese restaurant that shields the secret school for the assassins and comes in right at the time when Saya is being taken.

Wielding katanas and some major martial art moves, Master Lin, Saya, and Marcus are able to take down of a masked Kuroki, who happened to be Saya's cousin. The second one escapes. The successful ending of this is in stark contrast to what happens to the students at King's Dominion who aren't facing Master Lin's wrath aka detention. Maria's only chance to escape from Chico fails when he finds his way back to the school after sneakily locking Saya and Marcus up. Willie helps Maria with a passport to escape, but that too is futile when Chico shows up.


On the other hand, Billy (Liam James) the "rat," and Petra's lover goes home after his little brother calls him because of a "stranger in the house," who happens to be his mother's new husband. Billy gets brutally beaten up by his mother's man and when Marcus sees the bruises and enquires; Billy gives a powerful monologue on what exactly happened when he went home.

Admitting he could not fight back, and that the man got tired easily because of years of smoking and age, he highlights how he wore many gold rings, hence the scathing bruises. After venting it out and reducing Marcus to tears, Billy says they are going to go on a road trip, to kill his stepfather.

This episode was, perhaps, one of the best so far. Action was at its maximum yet and emotions soared. The rats took the center stage this time, sorry Saya! Saya and Marcus kissed too, that's a cherry-on-top kind of ending for this brutal, gory and crazy show.