'Deadly Class' episode 4: The assassins are in trouble, but who wants to kill Saya Kuroki in 'Mirror People'?

The future disruptors of America are being chased and it looks like 'Mirror People' will be a bloody episode, but we need to know who is going to cause all this gore?

                            'Deadly Class' episode 4: The assassins are in trouble, but who wants to kill Saya Kuroki in 'Mirror People'?

Viktor (Sean Depner) and Petra (Taylor Hickson) lie on the floor drenched with blood and a blade is just an inch away from Saya's throat, so while this gives us enough reason to worry about our favorite assassins, the future disruptors of America, as they are called, it also makes us wonder who wants to disrupt them?

Let us not forget we are in a world full of killers, and a stab in the back is a real knife and not just a metaphor. In the first three episodes itself, we have encountered so many villains, from Chico to F**kface to Viktor to Ronald Reagan etc. Added to all these names is the foodchain social hierarchy, where the "rats" are bullied by the "legacies," and only the fittest survive in the deadly world of 'Deadly Class.'

While the trailer promises an action-packed episode, assuring fans this will be 'The Breakfast Club' for the assassins, 'Mirror People,' features unidentified men in masks and suits, ready to kill all those who stand between them and Saya, and that means the katana wielder herself.

First of all, let us look at what to expect from the episode, before discussing, who the possible killer could be?

The trailer screams out "detention," in 'Deadly Class' font, while Petra whispers the same when Marcus questions "what is this?" There are about six students in the detention class, mainly Marcus, Chico, Petra, Viktor, some new guy, and Saya. The reason why Saya is there is because Marcus is under her responsibility, assigned secretly by Master Lin.

So, the prank the "rats" played last episode falls on Saya too. The students are also defenseless, that is, without their weapons and Chico is heard panicking "We are trapped, no weapons, no nothing!" and off they run through the corridors while two sturdy men in suits and with swords give chase.

The new unknown face shown in the trailer suggests there are going to be deaths, but not of any major characters (hopefully), because, come on! We are only in episode 4 and it's too early to see Viktor and Petra go. Forget Saya, there is an entire triangular love story brewing between Marcus, Saya, and Maria. 

But definitely, there is trouble for our main characters, and the question now is, who is causing it?

Could it be Master Lin?

Benedict Wong as Master Lin (Syfy)
Benedict Wong as Master Lin (Syfy)

He was the one who put these kids defenseless in detention class and he is not present to defend them. So, he could be the killer. I know he is already a fan-favorite and he seems to genuinely care about Marcus and Saya and his students, but he has lost his school's primary vision, as Professor Denke pointed out last time, and also, this is King's Dominion, no one ought to be trusted. As Willie said, "At King's Dominion, we all bite."

Yukio (Sam Jin Coates)

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If you question "who?" you are not alone. Remember that rather silent, unsuspecting student Marcus tries to befriend in the library, much to his embarrassment in front of Saya? Yup, he was the one, in the last episode, to get a token and a bundle of cash to kill Saya, so, he could possibly be the killer.

The Kuroki family

Saya belongs to the Kuroki family of Japan and is the daughter of the leader of the Kuroki-Gumi (the Kuroki Syndicate), one of the most powerful and influential families of Yakuza. The gist of her backstory revealed she grew up with her older brother Kenji, but they had major differences and as their father's favorite child, Kenji has a motive to kill the runaway, Saya.

We bet it's not F**kface yet. He is after Marcus for now. His turn on my list will come soon.

'Deadly Class' airs Wednesdays on Syfy at 10/9c.