'Deadly Class' Season 1 Episode 3: Legacy party turns into a playground for 'rats', as promo teases Marcus set to 'burn them down'

Episode 3 of Syfy's hit 'Deadly Class,' titled 'Snake Pit,' shows Marcus, Lex, and Petra serve the Legacies with blow darts and head knock outs

                            'Deadly Class' Season 1 Episode 3: Legacy party turns into a playground for 'rats', as promo teases Marcus set to 'burn them down'

Two episodes of Syfy's kick-a** series 'Deadly Class,' was enough to garner a major mass following (go check social media), but fans are upset it is not getting the recognition it deserves compared to other teen-based shows such a 'Riverdale.' However, as the series progresses, so does the kick-a**-ery and fans are hooked more than ever to this comic book-based TV show, set in the backdrop of 1980s counterculture.

Cue to the upcoming episode titled 'Snake Pit,' the teens who are attending King's Dominion to master the deadly arts of killing, are still high schoolers who need to attend a dance party first. The trailer opens with the importance of the dance party as it is a "time-honored tradition," but as crooked as the school is, expect major fights or killings. Brandy, the white supremacist, is seen pulling out a knife to Petra, the goth girl, as girls gang-up against the "rat" Petra.

"Today we riot," says another "rat," Lex, who clearly is a wannabe as the last episode pointed it out. As for our hero, Marcus Lopez, he is ready to "burn them down," literally as fireworks shoot up in the sky. Contrary to this affirmation, a second sneak-peek released, shows Marcus and the professor of poison, Jürgen Denke, get into a tete-a-tete, where he warns Marcus of choosing his battles wisely. "Save your time from maximum destruction," he suggests.

But looks like the advice was heard from one ear and blown out the other, as Marcus is seen causing havoc at the dance party, along with other "rats" including Petra, who head smacks an unidentified person while Marcus blows a bamboo dart, dressed mysteriously in a robe. "Knock out baby," Marcus is hailed as Willie swings his hand in the air, giving victory to Marcus.

Meanwhile, there is no sign of Chester 'F**kface', who was introduced last episode, thirsting to kill Marcus for burning the boys' home down. However, as we know now, Marcus sure was not responsible for the fire, but his reputation precedes him, and in the world of killers and deaths, it's all about the 'rep'; that is why Willie acts a toughie, when in fact, he is a pacifist.

Marcus may not be the killer people think him to be, he is, perhaps, more. He aims to kill the then president after all, 'the Gripper' as Ronald Reagan was called, and his target has made him the hero in professor Denke's eyes. But heroes need to live and survive, while Marcus seems to simply enjoy petty but lethal pranks with who's who of the King's Dominion's legacy students.

Episode 3, titled 'Snake Pit' airs Wednesdays 10/9c on Syfy.