'Deadly Class' episode 3 review: Important lessons on friendship learned in the 'Snake Pit'

Marcus said it's better to expose the ankles and see which snakes bite, Willie corrected him saying at King's Dominion "everyone bites." We beg to differ Willie.

                            'Deadly Class' episode 3 review: Important lessons on friendship learned in the 'Snake Pit'

Last week, Willie Lewis (Luke Tennie) warned us that at King's Dominion "everyone bites." In the latest episode of Syfy's 'Deadly Class,' titled 'Snake Pit,' it wasn't the case. In fact, it was just the opposite. The episode explored degrees of friendships and even gave us some important lessons. 

Starting with that of Willie and our protagonist boy Marcus Lopez Arguello (Benjamin Wadsworth), their friendship is clandestine initially. Willie, as a member of the Final World Order and definitely from the "legacy," cannot be seen hanging out with "rat," Marcus. Inside the dorm, the two enjoy video games, but as soon as a third person walks in, including Shabnam (Isaiah Lehtinen), Willie dons on his gangster front and treats Marcus like the "rat," he is. In the hallways, especially, Willie tells Marcus to "back off," and Marcus feels, and we do too, he does not deserve that kind of a friend who is "ashamed" of him in public.

Marcus and Willie in episode 1 of 'Deadly Class' (screenshot)
Marcus and Willie in episode 1 of 'Deadly Class' (screenshot)

This leads to a fall out as well as the trigger for Marcus to determine his friendships, especially among his "rat" friends. "There’s no point in having friends if you’re not going to stick up for them," is what Marcus says when his friend Petra (Taylor Hickson) is humiliated by the "legacies" of the school. Despite professor Denke's (Henry Rollins) warning in the Poison Lab about "picking battles wisely," Marcus is determined to fight for his friends.

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A back story on Petra includes how the "rat" goth girl was manipulated to attend the Legacy dance with Viktor (Sean Depner), who seemed smitten by her. The second episode's hook up, which for Petra was a one-night-stand with Viktor, was, for him, something he was not getting over, or so it looked. With threats pouring in from the white supremacist "mean girls" group, including Brandy (Siobhan Williams), Petra decides to take on the challenge and agrees to go to the dance with Viktor.

While it's all sweet at the beginning, Viktor drops her off at the girls' bathroom, in the hands of Brandy who gives our goth girl an outrageous makeover, placing a blonde wig on top of her dark hair, making her wear a bright yellow gown and dragging her to the stage for the "legacies" to laugh at her.

Of course, our poor Petra is devastated and goes to the rats' hangout place, the terrace, where Marcus, Billy (Liam James) and Lex (Jack Gillett) are all burning firecrackers and smoking pot. When Petra narrates what happens, Marcus is fueled enough to avenge her humiliation, and that is when he says the above-mentioned dialogue; "There’s no point in having friends if you’re not going to stick up for them."

Professor Denke's Poison Lab and Miss De Luca's class on shooting bamboo darts come in handy for the "rats," who go to the dance party, dressed in robes, and stealthily target the bullies of King's Dominion, starting from Viktor, to Brandy and Chico (Michel Duval). Petra is the ultimate hero as she knocks Brandy out with a headbang and hits a bullseye with the dart, right at the center of her forehead.

However, for Chico, Marcus gets unlucky as he counterattacks him. The good news is that Willie shows up at the right time to throw a blow at Chico, and before Chico could fight back, Master Lin chimes in with his iron cane, dismissing the party. Chico may or may not land in trouble, highly unlikely he won't, but we're glad Wille and Marcus made up.

This episode also explored and established the loving friendship of two girls, Maria (María Gabriela de Faría) and Saya (Lana Condor), both of whom undoubtedly like Marcus. We see them strolling through the streets, where they talk about how they are polar opposites, since Maria wants a house filled with books and little "niños running around," while Saya just wants to party away.

They both head for an impromptu robbing spree, entering a liquor store and in an action-packed scene, effortlessly steal a bottle of strawberry wine. We see Saya constantly looking out for Maria, especially with regards to her abusive relationship with Chico, who doesn't let Maria spend even a night away with her friends. Even though he clearly tells Saya that he knows his "girl," more than she does, Saya isn't upset. Instead, they head out to have fun in the park after the party.

Saya and Maria in episode 2 'Deadly Class'
Saya and Maria in episode 2 'Deadly Class'

Now, we come to a complex friendship, that of Master Lin and Denke. Master Lin is torn about Denke's resignation from the school after serving two decades. In a fix and after consulting a woman who uses naked men and women as furniture items, Lin decides to poison Denke. Too bad Denke is a poison professor, he immediately sniffs and realizes what's afoot. They indulge in one hell of a fight scene with both men succumbing to each other. It is so clear they still love each other despite differences.

The episode had positive and negative feedback, I only choose to look at the important lesson it taught me; that of friendship.

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