'Dead to Me' season 2: Release date, cast, plot and all you need to know about the Netflix show

The first season of the series follows the complicated friendship that Jen and Judy share, with an open ending that demands a second season

                            'Dead to Me' season 2: Release date, cast, plot and all you need to know about the Netflix show

Netflix's latest release 'Dead to Me' revolves around the friendship between two grieving women Jen and Judy, and strikes a balance between being a pleasant buddy flick and crime thriller. The dark comedy sheds light on the human emotion of grief and intersperses it with mystery, crime, comedy, and drama. Featuring strong female leads, the series' first season on Netflix was a satisfying watch. The season, comprising ten half-hour episodes, came to an end on a cliffhanger, with an unexpected twist and murder taking place. While we wait for Netflix to come up with a second season for the show, here is all you need to know about it:

Release date

The second season of the show is now confirmed. The dates aren't out yet, but in all possibility, it looks like a 2020 premiere.




Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini stunned as Jen and Judy in season one of 'Dead to Me'. The show is spun around their complicated friendship, while the two play their respective roles perfectly, balancing the humor and mystery that looms throughout the series' first season.

Applegate is returning to TV in a major role after a long break with 'Dead to Me,' which is her first TV series since 'Up All Night' way back in 2012. The actor is famous for her roles in 'Married… With Children' and 'Jesse'. Applegate is also well-known for her role as Gwendolyn in 2016 big-screen release 'Bad Moms' and had won an Emmy for her guest performance on the 'Friends' episode 'The One with Rachel's Other Sister'.

Cardellini is known for her roles in the hit show 'Freaks and Geeks' (2000) and received an Emmy nomination for her role as Meg Rayburn in 2017 series 'Bloodline'. She also found recent big-screen success with roles in Oscar-winning 'Green Book' and 'A Simple Favor'.

The show also stars James Marsden, Edward Asner, Sam McCarthy, Diana Maria Riva, and Max Jenkins. The show is expected to bring back the main cast for a second season. 

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini in 'Dead to Me' (Source: Netflix)



The first season of 'Dead to Me' followed Jen and Judy's unlikely friendship as they traversed the mystery that unraveled through Judy's complicated history and Jen's husband's hit-and-run murder. Jen, a recently widowed, uptight real-estate agent meets warm, friendly Judy at a grief counseling group and the two quickly become friends. Jen, who has anger issues and is trying to deal with her husband's untimely passing finds comfort in Judy's quirkiness and compassion. But the friendship soon goes on a downward spiral, with Judy's disturbing past coming to light, along with her connection to Jen's husband's murder.

At the end of season one, we see that Jen's character has undergone some development, with her trying to keep her anger issues at bay and patching things up with Judy. But that doesn't stop her from pulling the trigger, leaving the season on a cliffhanger which demands a second installment of the show. 

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