'Dead to Me' will see Christina Applegate make a comeback as a grieving widow in the dark comedy series

'Dead to Me' will see Christina Applegate make a comeback as a grieving widow in the dark comedy series

'Dead To Me', a dark comedy series set to premiere on Netflix on May 3 features Christina Applegate as Jen — newly widowed and part of a grief counseling group — where she meets Judy, her partner-in-crime on the show. The two share an unlikely bond based on shared personal trauma as it is revealed that Judy has her own disturbing history. The dark humor in the show comes in perfectly timed jokes belittling the tragedy that seems to loom over Jen's life like a stubborn cloud.



'Dead to Me' marks Applegate’s first TV series since 'Up All Night' way back in 2012. The show is a welcome return to television for Christina Applegate who is famous for her roles in 'Married… With Children' and 'Jesse'. She won an Emmy for her guest performance on the 'Friends' episode 'The One with Rachel's Other Sister'. Her last appearance on TV was on 'The Grinder', a 2015 Fox series and then on an episode of Netflix's animated series 'Ask the Storybots' in 2018. Applegate is also well-known for her role as Gwendolyn in 2016 big-screen release 'Bad Moms'.

Applegate is joined by Linda Cardellini who plays Judy on the show. Judy not only has a dark mysterious past; she also lost her fiance recently. The friendship blossoming from grief brings the two together on the show and it looks all set to give you the chills and leave you in splits, all at the same time. Cardellini is known for her roles in the hit show 'Freaks and Geeks' (2000) and received an Emmy nomination for her role as Meg Rayburn in 2017 series 'Bloodline'. She also found recent big-screen success with roles in Oscar-winning 'Green Book' and 'A Simple Favor'.



Following multiple cameos, 'Dead To Me' will see Applegate in a major role on TV after what seemed like ages and the actor seems perfectly suited for the role. The overzealous PTA president planning bake sales and school extracurriculars with a murderous passion in 'Bad Moms' brings the straight-faced wit to the Netflix series too. Determined to solve her husband's hit-and-run murder, Applegate's Jen bonds with Cardellini's Judy over "bottles of wine, Entenmann’s cookies and a shared affinity for 'The Facts of Life'", according to Netflix's official description. 


The actor was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, from which she fully recovered. She has been a part of various philanthropist groups, raising funds for breast cancer research and education. Applegate is also a strong advocate of animal rights and appeared in an anti-fur advertisement for PETA in 2007.

'Dead To Me' also co-stars James Marsden, Ed Asner, and Brandon Scott. It was created by Liz Feldman, who is known for hit TV series '2 Broke Girls', 'The Ellen Degeneres Show', and 'One Big Happy', among many others. Applegate serves as an executive producer alongside Jessica Elbaum, Christie Smith, Adam McKay, and Will Ferrell.



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