'Young Justice: Outsiders' season 3 episode 6 review: Our heroes are slowly gaining control of their powers in 'Rescue Op'

With Forager joining the team, we see our heroes learning to harness their power, while also learning a bit about themselves

                            'Young Justice: Outsiders' season 3 episode 6 review: Our heroes are slowly gaining control of their powers in 'Rescue Op'

This review contains spoilers

Our team brings Forager back to Earth with them, even though they're still figuring out what to do with the new recruits. With Forager labeled a traitor on New Genesis by his people, there's no way he can go back home now and sets out to prove himself. We also see the League of Shadows is back and they have a familiar arachnid assassin to do their dirty deeds.

Early on in the season, we got a glimpse of Goode VR Goggles - a pair of virtual reality gaming goggles (Will Harper being responsible for its secure transportation in episode 4). But from the sheer number of times we see this VR set in this season, there's definitely something more sinister to it than we're led to believe.

As with each episode in this show, there has been at least one death per episode, and the death of Jaqoar Marlo shows us the show really doesn't mind killing off people if they need to cement a point. As much as the heroes appeal to me, the villains are the ones who shine, because there can be no darkness without light, and, Black Spider, with his southern drawl, totally kills it (literally and figuratively).

We see the show wants to make one point very clear: The villains are clearly not playing any games this time, and this mature theme realistically suits the need for our heroes to grow up and take charge of the situation.

In this episode, we see Halo suddenly turns into a (meta)human Wikipedia when she hears the name New Genesis, hinting she still has a majority of her memory regressed, and may yet learn her true identity.

It's also a pleasure to see Bio-Ship freak Black Lightning out. Her services were indispensable to the team, and she's always served as their major form of transport before the Super-cycle came into play. I'm sure we'll get to see more Martian technology further in the series. So far, we've seen extremely advanced human tech, sentient 'New Genesis' tech and Martian tech, and their animation is out of this world (no pun intended).

We're also hinted at the possibility that Tara Markov (sister of Brion Markov) may be working with the league of shadows, and we'll have to see whether she'll be playing a villain, hero, or anti-hero-role (which she's most known for). It's going to be another week before the next three episodes air, so hold on to your tights!

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