'Young Justice' is back, 'Outsiders' is absolutely packed with superheroes and this time with a more mature story arc

With the release of the first three episodes of 'Outsiders' on January 4, we see our heros delve into a darker-themed show than we've known

                            'Young Justice' is back, 'Outsiders' is absolutely packed with superheroes and this time with a more mature story arc

This article contains spoilers

While the first three episodes of 'Young Justice' are out, this review will only cover the first episode because of the sheer amount of information and characters that seemed to be crammed into this episode. But before diving deeper into the episode, it is worth mentioning there is a prequel comic series called 'Young Justice: Outsiders - Chapter 1', which helps to fill the time gap that occurred between the previous seasons and the latest. Keeping this in mind, the episode bridges the gap seamlessly between the seasons, but you have to really pay attention.

In the episode's introduction, we see a pensive Dick Grayson (Nightwing) informing Kaldur (Aqualad) that he's quitting the team due to the death of his best friend, and Young Justice co-founder, Wally West (Kid Flash). And, we see Aqualad taking up a leadership role now that he's come of age and experience while assigning his new team their daily missions.


Within the first minute of the episode, we see a whole roster of old and new members gathered around which include Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Miss Martian, Tigress, the new Kid Flash, Bumblebee, Guardian, Blue Beetle, Batgirl, Lagoon Boy and Impulse. Whew!

This follows the exit of Nightwing from the team.

I'll give you a minute to take all that in.

The first episode tends to revolve heavily around the kidnapping of children and turning them into mind-controlled metahumans by Dr. Simon Ecks, and we're introduced to the show's darkness very early on in the series, that is the accidental death of Ana at the hands of Black Lightning.

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We see the parademons, who are attacking Planet Raan, have an upgrade in technology, and are able to "fix" themselves and any broken armor in a matter of seconds, so, that's not going to play out well for our heroes further in the series.

Having been the cause for the death of a child (although unknowingly), Black Lightning heads to the Justice League Headquarters to inform the League that he'll be hanging up his cape in regret, only to be blindsided by Batman, who calls it quits, followed by the other members of the Justice League, a plan that seems a little too hasty for our overly obsessive planner. Batman asks a few of the League members and few of the Young Justice team to join him, and Red Robin (Tim Drake) follows suit.


On the other side of the world, in Markovia, Prince Brion Markov (Geo-Force), is slowly learning of his latent metahuman gene. Nightwing decides to take matters into his own hands and begins assembling an elite team to crack down on the kidnappings.

With Oracle already on board, he's able to recruit Tigress and Superboy, and just when they're about to start their mission, they're joined by Black Lightning, who we now know has lost his powers after the mishap on Planet Raan. Black Lightning states he's only going to do one mission, and we all know how that usually turns out.

Oh, and did we mention Superboy proposed to Miss Martian?


As mentioned before, with so many stories jam-packed into a 20-minute episode, it may be a little difficult for new viewers to grasp what's going on. But all in all, for any true DC fan, this episode was absolutely lit!

It seems that much of the animation for the character costumes have improved, and we see Aqualad has taken up the mantle of Aquaman while being a co-leader of the Justice League. The maturity we see in him is on par with the likes of Batman in this (who honestly seems like a petulant child for doing what he did), and we see Nightwing also becoming a leader in his own right by forming 'The Outsiders'.

 We're really looking forward to the development of Prince Brion's gradual evolution into the hot-headed Geo-Force, and it seems that he'll be playing a major role in this series. All in all, the episode was quite entertaining, but my only suggestion is that new viewers should definitely read up or watch the older seasons (available on Netflix) before delving head-first into 'Outsiders' (you'll thank me later). With the series having premiered on January 4, viewers can now catch their favorite heroes exclusively on www.dcuniverse.com

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