DC's 'Legends of Tomorrow' returns on The CW packed with demon unicorns and shirtless virgins

DC's 'Legends of Tomorrow' returns on The CW packed with demon unicorns and shirtless virgins

Legends of Tomorrow's return to the CW has been spectacular, in a very DC fashion. From Beebo, the God of War, to demonic unicorns - the show has almost everything covered with its comeback, but shirtless virgins and Bronies weren't the only surprises that the show promised. There was a powerful message about human rights too, lying somewhere underneath, showing just why the show is deeper than its surface veneer.

Titled “The Virgin Gary”, the first episode of season 4 proved to be the perfect return fans could have hoped for for their beloved Legends. Paul Revere was successfully prevented from warning the masses about The Beatles’ “British Invasion,” and the time anachronism has been officially solved. What's even better? Sara was invited by her girlfriend to move in with her! Too bad that Constantine proved to be a rational downer and chose to remind her that there's still her demon day problem waiting to be taken care of.


This is where Woodstock comes in. What is that, you ask? Think of a Summer of Love, an Age of Aquarius, and the home of - get this - a carnivorous unicorn that eats the hearts of hippies after impaling them. Yes, you read that right. Forget time displaced humans, there's a whole new force of magical creatures and they are evil!

Speaking about hippies being in danger, as of now, they are fine, all thanks to Gary the Virgin, who risks his life to entice the demon unicorn into a trap. That's right, he took on a frickin' unicorn, that was drooling blood and heart chunks. And if that mental image hasn't scarred you enough, imagine this: Constantine drinks a creepy potion, and does his glowy hand power thingie to banish the demon unicorn right back to hell; and even though Gary survives all of this, poor thing's nipple gets torn off in the process - which is sure to leave behind an interesting scar! Insert Constantine promising they are going to finish their steamy session that had been started earlier is only the cherry on top.


While the rest of them are undergoing a lull post spending most of their time fighting the anachronisms, it's giving them some much needed time to reevaluate their lives and all the sh*t they've landed themselves in. Ray has a soft corner for Nora Darhk, while Nate struggles with daddy issues, with Resident Butthead Detector Thomas F. Wilson. Poor Mick, on the other hand, is just busy missing his rat. and poor Mick still misses his rat. Thankfully though, each of them are able to sort through their emotions thanks to a dose of sparkly unicorn drug snot. Again, something that only makes sense on Legends of Tomorrow.


However, Zari was the ultimate winner when it came to standout moments on the episode. Having spent most of her time in a drug-fueled haze, she tries to show Ray why saving Nora might not be a good idea. She takes him back in time, traveling to a park in Washington DC in 2018, where she's playing with her mother. She tells him how much she's dying to tell her mother to pack their bags and move to Canada, to evade the upcoming nightmare that shook their lives, but she can't. Unlike Amaya, she can't change the fate of her family, because she knows some things cannot be changed, despite one's entire happiness depending on it. 

It is these subtle subplots that are able to draw parallels to today's socio-political climate - with respect to the current policies of the US against immigrants, and that was emotional and alarming to witness at the same time.

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 DC Legends of Tomorrow returns on The CW packed with demon unicorns and shirtless virgins