Dayton shooter Connor Betts' slain sister was a transgender man and used the name Jordan Cofer, say friends

Connor Betts' sibling 'Megan' who died in the deadly shooting on August 4 apparently revealed his real identity only to a select group of friends.

                            Dayton shooter Connor Betts' slain sister was a transgender man and used the name Jordan Cofer, say friends

Dayton shooter Connor Betts' sibling Megan Betts, who was killed during the deadly attack unleashed by her brother on August 4, has been now identified as a transgender guy. Their family had no idea about the 22-year-old's gender identity, reveal reports and Connor's own social media posts.

In the days following the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, accused Connor's sibling had been identified as Megan, with the authorities also releasing a statement saying that the relatives have lost "a daughter." Megan apparently went by the name Jordan Cofer and identified as a male. He was also "out" to very few friends on his, reported Splinter News, which spoke to several of those friends anonymously.

Dayton shooter Connor Betts (social media)


“Jordan was my closest friend,” one of those friends shared with the outlet. “He identified with he/him pronouns to people he trusted and knew would support him. Jordan was probably one of the sweetest people you would ever meet, a true saint, but he was also very scared constantly. He tried to give the best to everyone.” Another of Jordan's friends confirmed to The Post: "I did know that he was indeed a transman.”

On August 4, the 24-year-old Connor drove to a popular string of bars and restaurants with Jordan before opening fire, killing Jordan too among others. Reportedly, investigators are yet to find out if Jordan was an intended target or not, but his gender is believed to have not played a role, most likely, because Connor himself wasn't aware of his sibling's trans-status, a friend told Splinter News.

Connor Betts (R) and his sibling Jordan Cofer (L), who was initially identified as his 'sister', but has now been reported to be a trans-man. (Facebook)


"Jordan told me in the past that he was not out to his family, but that could have changed in the past month as we barely spoke of the topic recently,” the friend told the outlet. “I do not believe that his gender identity had played a part in his death because of the fact that he wasn’t out to many people.” Furthermore, in a Tumblr account that appears to be Jordan's, he describes himself as an “ace poly trans boy with a loving heart and way too much work to do,” revealed the outlet after confirming via a friend that the account was legitimate.

Jordan also addressed himself using the male name on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, referring to himself as a guy. An innocuous tweet from 2016 reads: "I’m a Samsung guy but I just downloaded iTunes and got an Apple ID." Dayton police and several other friends of Jordan didn't automatically respond to requests for comment on Friday, shared Splinter News, also noting that they were not aware of his gender identity.

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