David Spade says 'The Wrong Missy' is bananas while Kathryn Hahn gushes over Mark Ruffalo to Jimmy Fallon

Both actors also highlighted a charity of their choice. While Spade urged viewers to donate to an animal rescue shelter, Hahn drew attention to a homeless health care center in LA

                            David Spade says 'The Wrong Missy' is bananas while Kathryn Hahn gushes over Mark Ruffalo to Jimmy Fallon
David Spade and Kathryn Hahn (Getty Images)

David Spade and Kathryn Hahn appeared separately on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' on Wednesday night. 

The former-SNL castmate's new film 'The New Missy' released on Netflix earlier on in the day and he spoke about his role to Fallon. "I am a normal divorced guy, I don't want to date. Nick Swardson plays my buddy and talks to me to go on a Tinder date. He's crazy, sets me up with a crazy girl (Lauren Lapkus)."

"Though I don't want to date, I am overwhelmed by her, so I split. Then I meet Molly Simms (also named Missy), we get along and she's normal. So I start texting her and say hey you want to go to this Hawaii retreat with me and the other Missy shows up on the flight," he continued.

"This makes me realize that I never texted the other girl even once. It's R rated, it's bananas and it's a good time that the film is coming out," he added.

Fallon and Spade were also part of a Zoom call with other Hollywood stars including Leonardo Di Caprio, Adam Sandler, Tom Hanks and others. Later, Fallon asked the actor to play a game of Wheel of Opinions where he was required to give his funny opinions on certain topics. 

About gyms reopening, he said: "About gyms, they could have closed five years ago, I wouldn't even know. I don't mind not seeing old men drying their crotch with a blow dryer."

About murder hornets, he joked: "Let me tell you something, regular hornets are no day at the beach, all hornets suck, No one ever says I wish we had the good hornets here. Hornets are the worse. I don't even love the Charlotte Hornets," he said referring to the North Carolina basketball team.

About Mike Tyson's comeback, the actor stated: "I want him to fight Dr Fauci. I would like to see him because I just thought he was such a fighter in the old days, he was so tough and it is fun to watch him fight. He's too good". He signed off by requesting viewers to donate to 'Lucky Paws', a rescue shelter for animals. 

Next on the episode was Hahn joining in from her garage. "I am with no one but the voices in my own mind. I am in my garage right now because it is the quietest place in the house and I don't want to interrupt the multiple schools that are happening right now in my house," she said while escaping the homeschool action in her house. 

Hahn plays Dessa Constantine on the show 'I Know This Much is True' which is based on the novel by the same name. Talking about the HBO Max show, she said that she read the book and its adaptation in a week's time, even though it was "sizeable material" before attending a meeting for the part.

She later gushed about actor Mark Ruffalo who plays a double role in the show, stating that she knew "to witness him doing this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience". 

She also drew attention to a charity organization called 'Homeless Health Care Los Angeles'. The organization works towards providing services to the "enormous vulnerable community" in LA. Hahn mentioned that there are "60,000 homeless people in LA, 5000 of who live in Skid Row".

She mentioned that the vulnerable community is very much at risk with a lot of them dealing with mental illness and drug usage.

Hahn also highlighted that most of these people do not have help or access to necessities like hand washing stations right now and the organization has doctors who go out on the streets of LA, helping and providing access to all these things as well as try to provide housing options to the homeless.

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