'David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet': Release date, plot and all you need to know about the Netflix docu

'David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet': Release date, plot and all you need to know about the Netflix docu
David Attenborough (Netflix)

There is perhaps no one who has seen more of the natural world and knows how the planet works than the broadcaster and natural historian, Sir David Attenborough. The British television anchor has taught most of us more about the planet than anyone else. It is perhaps why the 94-year-old Attenborough's upcoming documentary will turn out to be an important watch.

'David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet', a documentary on Attenborough's life was meant to be released in theatres earlier this year, but because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it was indefinitely delayed. Now, however, the film finds a home on the streaming platform, Netflix, perhaps making it more accessible. Read on to know more about the documentary.


Release date

'David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet' will be released on Netflix on Sunday, October 4, at 12 AM PST.


The official plot for the 'David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet' states: "This unique feature documentary tells the story of life on our planet by the man who has seen more of the natural world than any other. In more than 90 years, Attenborough has visited every continent on the globe, exploring the wild places of our planet and documenting the living world in all its variety and wonder."


Addressing the biggest challenges facing life on our planet, the film offers a powerful message of hope for future generations. The film, which serves as Attenborough’s witness statement for the natural world


Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough (Getty Images)


Sir David Attenborough is a British broadcaster and natural historian who is considered a national treasure in the United Kingdom. Attenborough is best known for his work on programs focused on the earth and its natural elements. Some of his most famous work includes the 'Life on Earth' series, 'Natural World', 'The Blue Planet', 'Planet Earth', 'Planet Earth II', 'The Truth about Climate Change', 'Extinction: The Facts', and more. 


Attenborough's contribution to broadcasting and wildlife filmmaking has brought him international recognition and he has received multiple awards and honorary degrees. At least 20 species and genera, both living and extinct, have been named in Attenborough's honor.


'David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet' is produced by Silverback Films and global environmental organization WWF.





The trailer for the documentary shows black and white clips from Attenborough’s early career intersperse with wide shots of ice caps melting and rainforests being demolished. “The living world is a unique and spectacular marvel yet the way we humans live on Earth is sending it into a decline,” the broadcaster says.


The trailer also features shots of hens crowded in battery cages, accompanied by the naturalist’s voiceover, warning of how humans are “replacing the wild with the tame”. However, the trailer ends on a positive note, with Attenborough saying that we can correct the damage we have done if we act now, saying, “We need to learn how to work with nature rather than against it – and I’m going to tell you how.”


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