2 Arkansas daughters tattoo final words of their father who succumbed to Covid-19

'He's such a selfless person to be thinking about other people on the last moments of his life,' one of the daughters said

                            2 Arkansas daughters tattoo final words of their father who succumbed to Covid-19
(Instagram/Anna Harp)

SILOAM SPRINGS, ARKANSAS: Two sisters who lost their father to the Covid-19 chose to pay tribute to him by getting inked with his final words. Anna Harp, 27, and Abrielle Clausing, 21, are the two sisters whose father — Rudolph Clausing — succumbed to the coronavirus leaving them, their mother, and their four other siblings grieving. The sisters described Rudolph as “the hardest worker” and “the most selfless person" ever met.

Anna said, “He was a friend to everyone. He always saw the best in everyone. We would be at the grocery store sitting out in the car… and he would always walk outside talking to someone like he's known them forever. I've always admired that about him, that he so effortlessly could make someone smile.”


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According to reports, Rudolph was already suffering from a hereditary lung disease, and just a few months before Thanksgiving, he got infected with the Covid-19. “My sister and I, for the whole year leading up to when he got COVID, we were just obsessive about his health. It was our worst nightmare come true,” Anna stated. For weeks, Rudolph had to frequently get admitted to the hospital as he struggled with the deadly virus. However, one night in January, his situation began to worsen and the family had to rush him to the hospital.

Sisters Anna Harp and Abrielle Clausing with their father (Instagram/ fairyontheprairie)

“Once he was back in, it was just like, endless, like no good news, basically, like he wasn't recovering. It just seemed like, his lungs were just tired and they couldn't work anymore,” Anna said. And, eventually, she, her sister, and their mother had to bid goodbye to Rudolph, who breathed his last on January 13. They also found a handwritten note near his bed that stated, “It has been such a good life.”

The sisters kept thinking about the note and decided to commemorate him with it. (Instagram)

Anna noted: “He's such a selfless person to be thinking about other people in the last moments of his life. He thought to write this note to us, so that we knew that he had a good life, and he was at peace with the life that he had. That just shows like the type of person he was.”

Such a moving tribute (Instagram)

Rudolph’s death reportedly left a big void in the sisters’ life and they decided to pay him tribute by getting tattoos of his final words. The sisters went to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to a tattoo artist -- Dustin Cleveland — to get themselves inked. “It was just really important to us because we just have so much love for him. This was the only way we could think to show it and just have this reminder everyday that he did live such a good life,” Anna added.


Anna shared the video of her and her sister getting inked on her TikTok account. She also shared the same on Instagram and received a lot of praise from people online. “It's crazy because after something like this happens you just feel so isolated because you're only seeing people online that are like living their normal lives now, but I'm never going to be able to go back to a normal life. Seeing all those comments you realize you're not alone in this,” Anna said.