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'Dated and Related': Who are Corrina and Joey Roppo? Snohomish County siblings bag show through TikTok

The Roppos want to use their reality-show stardom to launch new professions
 Corrina and Joey Roppo (Instagram/joeyroppo)
Corrina and Joey Roppo (Instagram/joeyroppo)

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE: Netflix has gone all-in on dating programs — 'Too Hot to Handle,' 'Love Is Blind,' — and its most recent series adds a fresh twist: dating with a sibling. In the September 2 premiere of 'Dated & Related,' sibling pairs (and one pair of cousins from New Jersey) were confined in a Cannes, France home, featuring Joey and Corrina Roppo of Monroe, Snohomish County.

After a casting producer spotted their TikTok dances, the siblings were hired in spring 2021. People frequently commented on their photos, "That’s a really cute couple," and Joey had to clarify that he and Corrina are brothers and sisters. The reality TV appearance was prompted by an explanatory hashtag. He began using the hashtag #siblings, which is how the creators discovered them and subsequently contacted them on Instagram. Initially, producers pitched the series to the Roppos as a sibling competition show with a dating component. The Roppos didn't realize it would be an actual dating program until just before filming began, and that the outlet would be Netflix. Joey gently rebuts Corrina's portrayal of their pre-show love life, but the Roppos come off as polite and caring in the series. Joey appears to be shy as well. They intend to use their reality TV popularity to launch new professions. The Roppos relocated to Los Angeles about a month ago.


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Who is Corrina Roppo?

Corrina Roppo is a 24-year-old TV personality appearing in the Netflix reality show 'Dated & Related,' a dating show in which all candidates competed with their siblings. Corrina brought her older brother Joey Roppo as her wingman because they were both chosen for Season 1 of 'Dated & Related' in the spring of 2021 after a casting director spotted their TikTok dances. All the contestants were made to reside in a magnificent villa in the south of France, where they had the opportunity to fall in love and win $100,000.

Corrina Roppo, alias Corrina Marie, was born in Snohomish County, Washington, to Joe Roppo and Carley Roppo in 1998. She grew up in a happy home with her older brother, Joey. They went to the same school, but unlike Joey, Corrina is more interested in music than sports. Her musical adventure began with the acquisition of instruments such as the guitar and keyboard. She gradually improved her vocal ability. According to sources, Corrina attended a reputable music institution following high school.

Corrina began performing at the age of 16. She used to play at local restaurants, which helped her become a well-known figure in her community. She began performing on stage at Washington's renowned Historic Everett Theatre in addition to doing jobs. At the age of 20, she auditioned for 'American Idol' (2018). Corrina appeared in 'AI,' but not as a candidate. She sang the show's anthem for the musical tour, which included the top seven candidates. She even uploaded her song 'Body Heat' on her YouTube page in 2021, but it did not receive the desired response from listeners. Furthermore, she is now working on her future album. She is also a music instructor and gives music lessons, which was her primary source of income prior to appearing on the Netflix show.

Given the competition, becoming a successful artist is not simple these days. Corrina experienced several hurdles on her path to becoming an artist, but her brother has always been a source of inspiration for her. Joey is always there for his little sister. Corrina is a big admirer of social media. She uploads lip-syncing videos to her TikTok account (@corrinaroppo) on a daily basis. You may also find her on other channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Who is Joey Roppo?

Joey Roppo is a 29-year-old former collegiate basketball player participating in Netflix's dating show 'Dated & Related,' which premiered on September 2. Joey was a collegiate basketball player who received a scholarship from Boeing.

Joey Roppo was born in 1994 in Seattle, Washington to Christian parents Joe Roppo and Carley Roppo. Joey had a boyhood passion for being a basketball player, and his father spent every weekend playing with him. Joey began playing for his high school squad when he was 16 years old. He enrolled at the University of Central Washington in 2011 to pursue a bachelor's degree in information technology and administrative management, while simultaneously playing collegiate football. He enrolled in a master's program after graduation. He performed so well in college that one of his instructors thought he should be considered for the ITAM Boeing scholarship.

Joey quit basketball after finishing his studies and relocated to Renton to work as a marketing coordinator for Elan Marketing Inc. He only stayed for a short time since, in 2018, he received an appealing chance to work as a logistics expert for Black Rhino Marketing; this position helped Joey grow as a person, and his career grew while he was here. He is currently working as a Customs Broker for an organization called Expeditors. After more than four years in the business sector, 'Dated & Related' marks a new chapter in his life.

Joey is a multi-talented individual; he has a great academic record, used to be a terrific athlete, and has the looks of a model, but did you know he can dance very well? Yes, Joey is familiar with several dancing styles such as freestyle, hip hop, and pop-locking. If you want to see him dance, go to his TikTok account, which is full of his dancing videos. On April 20, 2020, he and his sister began uploading such clips, and his first clip had 589.2k views.


Netflix will begin streaming the whole first season on Friday.