Daphne and Zev swap bodies, 'Fantasy Island' Episode 2 reveals relationship issues

Daphne and Zev show up to Fantasy Island hoping to find the ultimate adventure and they get a little more than they bargained for!

                            Daphne and Zev swap bodies, 'Fantasy Island' Episode 2 reveals relationship issues
Odette and Dave Annable as Daphne and Zev in 'Fantasy Island' (Laura Magruder/FOX)

When it comes to 'Fantasy Island', guests often come with their own sets of demands and dreams. However, the island has a mind of its own -- it doesn't give you what you want, it gives you what you need.

And while Elena is usually aware of how these fantasies will pan out, sometimes, they manage to take her by surprise. While she continues it figure out Ruby's purpose on the island, the two of them take on a case that deals with love, separation and anxiety that often comes with relations.


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Daphne and Zev are a couple full of life and zest, but they two seemed to have lost their spark. They've now found their way to the island to be intimate like they once were. But the island understands that this couple's issues run far deeper than what meets the eye. Soon, they find themselves in a body-swap situation and realize that they want out.

However, Elena encourages them to give the fantasy a go, to understand what they truly want. Daphne and Zev struggle to understand and adapt to each other's bodies, dealing with the benefits and setbacks of being a man and a woman.

While Zev is in Daphne's body, he can't seem to stop crying, while Daphne in Zev's body struggles to deal with her anger. The tension between them causes them to have a massive argument and be critical of each other, with Zev being reminded of his ex-wife and how that relationship went sour. But things soon get even more complicated when Zev realises that Daphne is pregnant, seeing that he is trapped in her body.



Meanwhile, Zev takes on a few guys who were rude to Daphne earlier on and after a bar brawl, he finds himself stranded in the middle of a jungle on the island. Daphne soon finds him and breaks the news of the pregnancy. And while Zev seems onboard with the idea, Daphne is deadly opposed to it, seeing that the couple had long decided that they didn't want kids. While Zev promises Daphne that she doesn't need to compromise on her dreams, she seems unconvinced.

Finally, however, they agree to work things out together and talk about their issues for the first time in years instead of bottling it all in and judging each other in silence. They two share a kiss and switch back to their original body and seem to reconcile. However, the question of having a baby still lingers. As the couple leave the island, they talk to Elena and Ruby one last time and inform them that they will be having a child together, as they see it as their next adventure.

Zev has decided to be the anchor parent, seeing that he wants this child more than anything, while Daphne intends to pursue her career and achieve more. By the end, they seemed to have truly walked a mile in each other's shoes and now understand each other better.


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