What is Danny Pudi's net worth? 'Community' actor confuses Larry King with down-to-earth answers on his wealth

The voice of Huey on 'DuckTales', a lovable portrayal of the character Abed Nadir on 'Community' and more, Danny Pudi is one of the rare humble gems in Hollywood

                            What is Danny Pudi's net worth? 'Community' actor confuses Larry King with down-to-earth answers on his wealth
Danny Pudi (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Actor Danny Pudi, commonly known for his role in the NBC comedy 'Community', has gone viral today December 22 for a month-old interview that began making its rounds on the Internet. 

While doing press for Season 1 of the Apple TV+ series, 'Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet', Pudi sat down with Larry King in the interview and the pair discussed the actor's credentials. In the interview, Pudi spoke of his role in 'DuckTales', his love for video games (in reference to the plot of 'Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet'), and more. Additionally, King and Pudi played a game called 'If You Only Knew,' revealing bits of information about Pudi.

King asked Pudi to name a luxury he can't live without. When he replied that he likes coffee, King seemed to be taken by surprise and says, "It's not a luxury, you can get it anywhere." Pudi then says, "I like nice socks," to which King discredited his answers even further. King then brought up a private plane as an example of a luxury, and proving that he isn't ashamed of the level of his wealth compared to the 'Larry King Now' host, Pudi says, “Larry, I’m on 'DuckTales' and 'Mythic Quest''.” He was also asked about his greatest accomplishments, for which he didn't hesitate to answer as his children, twins James Timothy Pudi and Fiona Leigh Pudi.

Although Pudi didn't let the interview be all about money, he is an easily likable actor whose wealth and career is significant yet not as luxurious as King's and low enough to get him appreciating the little things in life, as seen by his responses in the interview. So, for those wondering what his net worth actually is, let's take a look.

In short, Pudi has a net worth of around $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The majority of it is likely tethered to his Pasadena home, a 1925 house near Caltech and the Huntington Library, which he purchased from Olympic gold medalist swimmer Betsy Mitchell for $1.32 million in 2014, according to Los Angeles Times. He has a family, his wife Bridget Showalter and two children, so he's also got to provide for more than just himself.

Pudi started his professional on-camera career in 2006 when he landed a guest-starring role on 'ER'. He then made appearances on television shows such as 'Gilmore Girls', 'The West Wing', 'Greek' and 'The Bill Engvall Show'. He also appeared in such films as 'Road Trip: Beer Pong'.

Bigger cameo appearances have been in big-budget films such as 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' and 'Star Trek Beyond'. His larger roles on big-screen projects were smaller, independent productions like the 2019’s 'Babysplitters' and 2020’s 'The Argument'.


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