High school junior takes Danny DeVito cutout as date to prom, the actor returns the favor

High school junior takes Danny DeVito cutout as date to prom, the actor returns the favor
Danny DeVito (Source:Getty Images)

After a 17-year-old high school junior decided to take Danny DeVito as her date to prom, the actor decided to return the favor by taking her to Paddy's Bar on the set of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'. Only, the two carried eachothers' cardboard cut-outs.

Allison Closs, a senior at the Carlisle High School, Pennsylvania, after several failed attempts to get a date for prom, gave up on the idea and decided instead to take a cardboard cut-out of the Hollywood celebrity.

She bought the DeVito cutout on Amazon for $100, and decked it out in her brother's tie. She fixed him to a scooter which she bought for $20, managed a corsage, and attached a lace to it to pull him around.

However, she already knew it could be a big thing in the media. She soon got in touch with ABC news and sent out a video and a few photos to them, in which her parents too mock by pretending to be concerned about their daughter's date.

Her father says, "He seems to be a very nice man. Hope he treats her with respect."


With all the paparazzi at the prom, a few local channels too covered her story making the story go viral overnight. While TV broadcasts actually termed her 'hysterical', DeVito's co-star Rob McElhenney (Mac) shared an image on his Instagram handle, which says, "Hey Allison- I heard you took cardboard Danny to prom. What a coincidence. He took cardboard Allison to Paddy's..."

In the image, DeVito is seen standing beside "Cardboard Allison", who is wearing the same dress as the real Allison at the prom. 

Allison immediately posted on Twitter about how shocked she was, and was certainly at a loss for words. On her YouTube account, Allison exclaimed, "I have always loved Danny...Danny was there for me when I really needed him. He treats me the way a woman should be treated."

The post was soon followed up by several other posts where some people have put Cardboard Danny to look at their pets, and some have responded to the post in the most millennial way possible.


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