'Dancing with the Stars' season 27 might have two double eliminations ahead of finale nights!

The last week's results were a shocker itself as following the magic of Disney Night, not a single couple was sent home despite DeMarcus Ware and Alexis Ren being in jeopardy.

                            'Dancing with the Stars' season 27 might have two double eliminations ahead of finale nights!

This week's 'Dancing with the Stars' was shocking, in all the right aspects, but if you'd listened in closely, you would have noticed certain odd aspects of the episode leading up to the big reveal that arrived at the end. Spoiler alert, but there was no elimination this time around! Since it was Disney night, despite DeMarcus Ware and Alexis Ren being placed in jeopardy, nobody was sent home. And come to think of it, host Tom Bergeron's constantly vamping throughout the night, and him never mentioning - like, not even once - that a couple will be eliminated, were all pretty impressive hints dropped for the ultimate results scenario.




But at the same time, neither he nor co-host Erin Andrews has mentioned yet if there will be a double elimination next week either. But judge Carrie Ann Inaba wasn't all that subtle in her recent Instagram post, as she, intentionally dropped a major hint that there will be two prospective double eliminations this season, one of them happening in the finale week itself!


Carrie Ann's photo of the upcoming DWTS schedule. Source: Instagram
Carrie Ann's photo of the upcoming DWTS schedule. Source: Instagram


Posting a photo of the Disney Night itinerary on her Instagram Story on Monday, Carrie revealed partial aspects of the season-long schedule. While she did censor the upcoming themes that this season has in store for fans and viewers, what she did reveal were two lines about five couples going into Night 1 of the finale on Monday, November 19, and three heading towards the Night 2 of the big finale on November 20.




Do the math and you'll know, out of the remaining nine couples on the show, only six couples will be in the semifinal. And for that number to reach a five for the first finale night, there will have to be a double elimination on the semifinals. And even though Carrie Ann's photo doesn't reveal which week that will happen in, here's what her followers got a solid glimpse off, keeping in mind a prospective double elimination:

Monday, October 29: Halloween Night - From the nine remaining couples, they will become either seven or eight.
Monday, November 5: Country Night - If there are eight left, then they are to become six here post double elimination. If only seven are left, then, of course, just a regular elimination.
Monday, Nov. 12: Semifinal - Voila, from six, they become five.
Monday, Nov. 19: Finale Night 1 - Remaining five become three.
Tuesday, Nov. 20: Finale Night 2 - Winner emerges from the last three standing.




At the same time, this is going to be the first time in the show's history that five couples will enter the finale night. Up until season 16, DWTS had typically had only three finalists, but in that season it was increased to four. Since then, with the exception of Seasons 20, 22 and 24 and not counting “Athletes,” there have been final fours on the show, eliminating the fourth place couple at the end of Night 1. 

But having said that, DWTS is no stranger to the idea of double elimination, as back in Seasons 22 and 25, there were two doubles, and in Seasons 9 and 15, there were three doubles. Dancing with the Stars returns on Monday, October 29, at 8 pm ET/PT only on ABC.