'DWTS' season 27: Did Bobby Bones just shade Alexis Ren and other contestants over Disneyland visit?

A recently released video footage shows other star contestants take out time to visit Disneyland as part of their research but Bobby wasn't a part of the group.

                            'DWTS' season 27: Did Bobby Bones just shade Alexis Ren and other contestants over Disneyland visit?

If there's one thing this season ABC's hit reality show, Dancing with the Stars has taught us, it's the fact that Bobby Bones' relentless spirit and energy never stops him from putting himself all out there when it comes to his performances. Granted, his scores haven't reflected much of that, but it's the effort that counts, and over the weeks, Bobby has shown some impressive progress, all thanks to the judges' remarks, and of course, mostly to his pro-partner on Season 27, Sharna Burgess.

The latest episode - themes Disney Night - showed Bobby and his dance partner take on the roles of the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid, as the two became Prince Eric, and Ariel, dancing a romantic waltz to "Part of Your World" from the iconic Disney film. Bobby looked just as dashing as he always does. The two ended up earning a total of 21 out of 30, which - granted, just one point higher than their previous week's score - was enough to secure them a spot higher than the bottom of the scoreboard. Sadly, Joe Amabile and Jenna Johnson held that spot.

But three days later, the aftermath of the show, has laid out certain hints that Bobby might be less than thrilled about his last scores on the show. Fans are now considering that maybe Bobby actually took a subtle dig at his fellow contestants on Twitter, the following morning. It all started with the release of a pre-taped video footage, where other star contestants like Alexis Ren, Evanna Lynch, Joe, and Milo Manheim all take out time from their schedules to visit Disneyland as part of their research ahead of their Disney based performances on Monday night.

But when one fan tweeted to Bobby, congratulating him on his performance, The Bobby Bones Show host replied early Tuesday morning, saying he "had to work all week, so [he had] no time for any field trips." And it doesn't stop at that, as another fan pointed out how Bobby had skipped the Disneyland visit, enthusiastically stating that he "REPRESENTS ALL OF THE WORKIN' PEOPLE OUT HERE!" And Bobby retweeted that tweet!




Now, it's true that Bobby has a full-time gig that he needs to pay attention to, being the host of a popular radio show, but certain fans felt like he was just being too salty about both his scores and not being able to visit Disneyland too. They even perceived this tweet to mean that he was shading fellow contestants, while most of them have very busy schedules too. But at the same time, it's very possible that Bobby was just innocently clarifying to his fans why he couldn't be at Disneyworld, yet Twitter critics can be pretty harsh when they want to. 






Regardless of all of that, Bobby is through to the next week's episode, and he also thanked his fans and followers for their constant support on behalf of both Sharna and himself. And now we wait to see how performing as Prince Eric worked out for him when the results for Disney Night are read out on next Monday's episode!